Interactive Experiential Travel

Our locals love to share their culture with you

Our locals take you on authentic Experiences

Our locals make your vacation more personable

Our locals will save you time and money

Our locals will help you get around town

Our locals can take you off the beaten path

Our locals advise you where to eat, stay and explore

Our locals help you get past the language barrier

Our locals make you feel more relaxed and confident

Our locals will help you avoid tourist traps



Go beyond the tourist circuit, engage culturally, save time and get more value, don't worry about logistics, travel with confidence, and have a vacation to brag about.


Get all the perks of having a local introduce you to family and friends . Antimo will help you plan your trip, show you around and take you on one-of-a-kind Experiences.


VoomaGo has a vast network of handpicked Locals — real people who are proud and happy to share their region’s unique charms with you and will treat you like family.


Our Locals live in amazing cities and small towns throughout Italy. With their help, you get to delve deeper into the region’s culture and discover its hidden treasures.


Antimo and the interaction with our Locals are the essence of VoomaGo. Our Locals are personally connected to Antimo by one or two degrees of separation. Even when not traveling with Antimo, our Locals are exceptionally reliable and therefore real value for you.

Our Locals are fun and personable, passionate about their culture, love to share their insider knowledge with others, and their personal connections to enhance your vacation.


“I travel 90% of my business life, so if I travel anywhere from my home in Montecito it has to be compelling, beautiful and different than my usual first class business experience. Enter Antimo Cimino. He has created in Voomago the most amazing experiential travel company that is so far out of the ordinary travel guide, you will never want to travel in the mainstream again. He brings deep cultural insights, backroads adventure, amazing connections to locals and splendid food such that you will never want again to live even your ordinary existence without his able guidance. Forget booking all your travel yourself, just trust Voomago. Antimo is impeccably detailed, deeply knowledgeable of local culture, and has an amazingly adventurous eye for beauty and unique sites. ”

David, Montecito, CA

“I cannot say enough good things about Voomago and Antimo! Just returned from a truly fabulous trip to Italy ... the highlights unquestionably were the personal experiences arranged by Voomago. Travel is about so much more than seeing new places—it's most valuable when we meet new people, become immersed in new cultures, and gain an appreciation for the different ways that people work, live, and play around the world.”

Louise, Boston, MA

“The best part of traveling with VoomaGo and the experience is being invited into the home of a local. You just don't get that from being a regular tourist unless you are truly lucky. Having pizza homemade in the basement or backyard pizza oven along with a family and friends is a treat.”

Nancy, Portland, OR

“VoomaGo did a wonderful job in creating a most memorable trip. What I loved the most, and what I talk about and remember like a warm hug, is the family experiences you orchestrated for us. You made me feel so welcome, and I felt honored to be sitting at the table among the local family and friends.”

LaNeal, Kansas City

“My husband and I like to travel in small intimate groups of 4-6 people. We joined Antimo and another couple to visit Puglia a few years ago. He customized the two weeks balancing our likings, driving us everywhere, cooking with us and for us and interacting with family and friends. We loved it so much we have booked 3 other trips after that including to Spain and Portugal. We are addicted!”

Christine and Richard, Woodburn

“I have travelled around the world a lot, by myself as well as in a group with well known organizations such as National Geographic but of all my trips, the one to Sicily in 2019 for two weeks with Antimo completely blew me away. I cannot wait to travel with him again!”

Marie, Seattle, Wa.


Travel like you mean it and make your travel worth it in every possible way.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a local friend wherever you traveled? Someone who could give you travel advice, help you navigate, speak the language, and take you into their home for a meal? 

With Antimo’s wealth of knowledge about Italy and Experiential Travel, he will help you build a custom vacation that will have you coming back changed, inspired, and blown away, holding on to something that no tangible souvenir can ever replace.

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