Why Wellness Matters on Vacation


Meditation is gaining in popularity as a key to a well balanced happy life, and it should not be put on hold during your vacation.

People often forgo meditation and wellness while traveling because they have packed schedules, planes to catch, museums to visit, and activities to join in with that they don’t find the time and the mental space to meditate. However, meditating on vacation in new, natural, and amazing surroundings like what Dominica has to offer, only reinforces the benefits we reap from doing so.


Meditation and gratitude are not only two important elements of wellness, they are above all intentional moments during which you go inward and take care of your happiness, mental and physical health, sanity, optimism, and life balance.


Imagine yourself surrounded by the rain forest, on a rock at the feet of Victoria Falls in Dominica. Meditation helps us get back on track with a positive state of mind and counterbalances negative or fatalistic thinking.



When you visit a new place, with cultural values completely different from yours, with the temporary loss of the familiar, finding 15 minutes early in the morning to meditate can change your vacation in beautiful, rewarding ways. Starting your day with meditation is a wonderful way to let go of expectations, set the stage and prepare yourself to be receptive and open to new experiences. Working toward emptiness and openness gives way to harmony and an expanded sense of self.


Take some time at the end of your day to express gratitude for the new learning and experiences that enriched your life. Connected with yourself and others, focus on your feelings, emotions, and memories which will strengthen you for years to come.


The importance of meditation and wellness is meaningful to us at VoomaGo because it connects the dots between travel experiences and emotions, this is why we joined a Wellness-Guided itinerary with experiential travel which at its core includes meditation and expressing gratitude everyday. Dominica is the perfect living spa with an unobstructed flow of energy, a perfect setting to unplug from your daily routine and re-think everything. There are countless natural places conducive to meditation such as by a flowing river or in the middle of it if you prefer, on a mountain top overlooking the ocean, at the feet of a waterfall, or under a canopy of tropical flowers.


Many people return from a vacation joking that they need time off to recover from it, most likely because they packed in too much and overdid it. When you return from a vacation during which you used intention, meditation, and gratitude to create the right mindset for a wonderful time, you’ll know you did it right.



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