Authentic Travel With A Local Italian Expert

A native from Manduria, Puglia a small town famous for the best Primitivo in Italy, Antimo Cimino has an infectious passion and enthusiasm for travel and culture. He has travelled extensively around the world, speaks six languages, and has an outgoing personality. He loves sharing his Italian roots and showing you the most authentic aspects of being Italian. Following him around is a fun, multi-sensory, enjoyable experience like no other, he is well respected and loved by friends, with him by your side you will be treated like family! 

Where our travels will take you in 2017

Experience Italy North to South - May 15-27th

Two weeks filled with wine tasting, sightseeing, sailing, cooking with locals, and enjoying some of the best and most iconic foods of Italy, from Parmesan Cheese, to Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, Tortellini, Mortadella, Fresh Mozzarella, to Lambrusco, Sangiovese, Primitivo and much more. A great way to experience Italy traveling from Bologna along the Adriatic Coast to Puglia with many opportunity to mingle with locals and learn from them. A sensory adventure focused on eno-gastronomic delights and local interactions!

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Summer Kick Off: Puglia + Beaches + Food + Wine - May 28th to June 8th

Spend 12 unforgettable days relaxing on some of the most pristine beaches in Puglia, both on the Adriatic side as well as the Ionic side, including a full day of sailing. Stay at beautiful places, eating some of the freshest fish ever and drinking incredible wines. Two days completely free to explore on your own. Day trips to nearby towns such as Alberobello, Lecce, Monopoli to enjoy the diversity of landscape, history, and culinary traditions that Puglia has to offer. Hanging out with locals, cooking with Nonna, and sharing meals with local families. 

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Grape Harvest + Wine Making in Puglia - August 26 to September 10th

This two weeks journey will start in Puglia during the grape harvest so that we can participate in it and make wine. We will then spend a few days in the heart of the Gran Sasso National Park and 3 nights stay in the ancient Castello Chiola. Our journey will continue along the Adriatic coast, making our way to Venice by train. We will have lots of time to relax on beautiful beaches, swimming, snorkeling, going for walks or reading a book while staying at a beautiful Masseria with Maria Antonietta. The journey will also involve cooking and learning from locals at their homes, enjoying incredible meals together, harvesting grapes, making wine, and visiting a few wineries. 

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Rome and Sicily - Sept. 21-30th

During this amazing trip you will be immersed in Italian history, architecture, taste incredible food and luscious wines. Rome and Sicily await you!. Walk through ancient past and history and then leave the touristy crowds to relax on some of the most pristine beaches in the Mediterranean. The end of summer is the ideal time of the year to enjoy these two destinations. A full Italian experience with lots of time to mingle with locals, relax, drink incredible wine, and eat delicious, local, seasonal food, relaxing in the sun, snorkeling, and much more. We will be staying in locally owned villas with beautiful surroundings and gardens and take a few side day trips to explore ancient towns and hang out with locals. 

Antimo, founder of VoomaGo will be orchestrating and running all the details so you can seat back and enjoy a multi-sensory Italian experience!



Where to travel with us in 2018

Tulum Mexico - 10-17th February 2018

7 relaxing days in the small town of Tulum, two hours south and away from the busy resorts of Cancun. Just 15 minutes by car from beautiful and sandy beaches and very close to enchanting Mayan ruins. A perfect spot to enjoy authentic Mexican food, the rough around the edges atmosphere, and beautiful beaches and resorts. Transportation, accommodations, breakfast, bikes a couple of excursions, and wellness classes are included. You only have to worry about your flight and travel insurance. 

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Enchanted Italy in the Spring - 14-29th April - 2018

Two weeks mingling with Italians, learning about their lifestyle, traveling from Puglia, to Abruzzo, then to Emilia Romagna while spring displays a tapestry of beautiful colors and blossoms from one region to the next. Sightseeing ancient charming cities and towns, tasting and enjoying some of the best wines Italy has to offer and some of the freshest most delicious food. A true multi-sensory journey across the Italian boot that will leave you enchanted!

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