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Authentic Travel With A Local Italian Expert and Chef

A native from Manduria, (Puglia) Antimo Cimino has an infectious passion and enthusiasm for travel, food, and culture. He is also a trained chef and author of “Food You’ll Make Love To: Ah, Those Italians!” – a cookbook with a southern Italian flare. He has travelled extensively around the world, speaks six languages, and has an outgoing personality. He is both proud and honored to take you through the backdoors of Italy and introduce you to a variety of lifestyles. Antimo has a natural gift at arranging unmanufactured experiences that are real and authentic focused on relationships and human connection. Following him around is a fun, multi-sensory, enjoyable experience like no other. He is well respected and loved by friends, with him by your side you will be treated like family!


Are you ready to travel again? If you are vaccinated plan to join us in 2022.

We are also happy to customize your trip to fit your needs or the needs of your group. - Just ask us!

Celebrating Antimo's 50th Birthday - May 8-18th, 2022

Several clients have asked me to put this trip together to celebrate my 50th birthday. Who is in?

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Basilicata, Puglia, Calabria - May 22 to May 29th, 2022

A beautiful week and a great way to survey three regions of Southern Italy with a local at your side the entire time. Very unique and charming towns to explore and the most amazing food you will enjoy. Find out all the details HERE!

Wellness Puglia - May 29 to June 5th, 2022

Don’t miss this opportunity to unplug from your routine, go on vacation, and regenerate while you eat some of the best food Italy has to offer. You will enjoy Puglia at its best! Find out all the details HERE!

Hidden Gems of Sardegna - (June 11-21st, 2022)

This ten day trip will give you a wonderful taste of what Sardinia, the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, is all about. The entire time will be spent in the less touristy south, starting in Cagliari and slowly working our way along the beautiful villages, mountain trails, and stunning beached of the east coast known as Ogliastra. This stretch of coast still offers uncontaminated wild scenery, beautifully kept hiking trails, numerous sea caves, and glorious looking water. 


This trip would allow you to attached another 5 days or a week to adventure on your own to places like, Rome, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Umbria within a 50 minutes flight to Rome. 



Sardinia and Barolo Country

This two weeks trip is a fantastic way to experience the south of Sardinia and the Barolo country in the North of Italy. The first week we enjoy the old town in Cagliari and the east side of the island.  Visit the market, relax on some of the most incredible crystal clear blue waters in the Mediterranean, hike, as well as cheese and wine tasting with locals. We then fly to Torino where we dive into a sophisticated gastronomic world made of fresh made pasta, truffles, coffee, chocolate, wine and much more. Find out more details click HERE.