Authentic Travel With A Local Italian Expert and Chef

A native from Manduria, (Puglia) Antimo Cimino has an infectious passion and enthusiasm for travel, food, and culture. He is also a trained chef and author of “Food You’ll Make Love To: Ah, Those Italians!” – a cookbook with a southern Italian flare. He has travelled extensively around the world, speaks six languages, and has an outgoing personality. He is both proud and honored to take you through the backdoors of Italy and introduce you to a variety of lifestyles. Antimo has a natural gift at arranging unmanufactured experiences that are real and authentic focused on relationships and human connection. Following him around is a fun, multi-sensory, enjoyable experience like no other. He is well respected and loved by friends, with him by your side you will be treated like family!


Due to COVID-19 trips will be rescheduled when TRAVEL becomes safe and possible again. We are attempting to resume at the end of Summer - CROSS FINGERS!

All trips can be customized to fit your needs or the needs of your group. - Just ask us!

The Magic of Puglia - (Now taking place in Spring 2022)

This ten day trip is a luxurious experience for those who want to immerse themselves into ancient history, charming Baroque towns, and relax in the comfort of villas and hotels with unique design and interiors. You will be accompanied every day by Antimo Cimino, chef and travel expert local to Puglia. Antimo will introduce you to family and friends from his childhood often cooking with them and sharing a meal.

We start in the Salento region (Southern Puglia) and slowly travel toward the center and north, driving for short distances to walk around ancient towns along the Adriatic and Ionian Sea. Bring your appetite as you will enjoying some of the most amazing food Italy has to offer!

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Seductive Portugal and Spain - April 19th to May 4th, 2021 - SOLD OUT-

Two unforgettable weeks traveling from Lisbon, Portugal to the south toward Lago and then crossing into southern Spain and slowly making our way north to Barcelona. A rich journey through time, places, food, and culture. Tip toeing around the villages of Andalusia, checking out the social scene, the fascinating history, sipping local wines, and savoring the delicious food all in stunning backdrop of a diverse landscape, beaches and mountains. 


As we travel through this incredible landscape, we will of course take part to the local traditions of siesta, walking along the beach, tapas, jamon, and flamenco dancing. Cities we will spend time in include: Lisbon, Sintra, Lagos, Malaga, Granada, Valencia and Barcelona. 

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NOTE: Due to Popular Demand, a second set of dates has been added for this trip. 

The Charm of Tuscany & Umbria - May 11-24th, 2020 (Now in 2022)

This two weeks journey is a perfect way to experience two of Italy’s most charming and scenic regions, Tuscany and Umbria. Travel through ancient roads surrounded by wild flowers, cypress trees and rolling hills cultivated with grapes and olives; savor farm to table traditional cuisine; wander through markets; cook with locals, and sip the luscious Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and Brunello.


Experience the agricultural riches of Umbria and the passion of the locals hunting for wild boar, carefully aging salami, making porchetta, hunting for black truffles, and making the most incredible cheeses. Keep active while walking through many charming medieval towns to admire cultural treasures and take in the picturesque landscape surrounding you.

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Puglia: Eat, Create, Connect - May 24 to June 3, 2022

A 10 day trip immersed in the culture of Southern Italy, traveling through Puglia as we cook with locals, create alongside of local artists, guided by a native to Puglia and a professional arts facilitator. Allow the beauty and culture to inform and inspire your own creativity in whatever form that takes.

Stay in centuries old villas in three locations starting in Gallipoli and ending in Alberobello. Enjoy day trips to charming perched-on-the-rock villages and ancient fields of olive trees, and much more. This trip is about escaping the crowds to experience true Southern Italian culture and magic through creative arts.

If you plan to stay longer in Italy, you can spend a few days in Rome by flying out of Brindisi.




This two weeks trip will leave you speechless. As we travel along the Amalfi coast, you will fall in love with the insanely beautiful rugged stretch of coastline winding from Sorrento to Vietri, often wondering how could they have possibly built these towns perched on the rocks and overhanding the sea. We will spend one day on the island of Capri, hike the Path of the Gods, eat the most amazing food and relax with a cappuccino on the balcony gazing over the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

Before you head to Rome for a slice of Roman history, we travel south to Calabria where we spend three days in and around a castle from the 1300s and a couple of nights in Tropea.

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