Ubuntu Leadership: Me to We

Lou Radja is a diversity and leadership development consultant and the co-founder of Edu-Congo, a non-profit organization committed to enriching the lives of underprivileged children of the Democratic Republic of Congo through quality education. In 2015 Lou delivered a beautiful and inspirational speech at TEDx Salem, “Africa my Roots; America my Wings,” which further motivated him to challenge audiences worldwide to shake off disempowering beliefs and live up to their full human potential. He has delivered training about diversity, Ubuntu leadership, and corporate culture to a long list of clients, including Nike, HP, Oregon Health Sciences University, and the City of Salem. 

Lou has a strong passion for cross-cultural learning and intercultural communication. He graduated from Portland State University with a degree in International Affairs. Before moving to America, he lived in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and he is now invested on both sides of the Atlantic. Lou is an active Rotarian with the Portland Pearl Rotary Club, and a member of the World Affairs Council of Oregon. In addition to English, he is also fluent in French and Swahili.

Lou’s vision: Touching the lives of others through validation, gratitude, and tireless work to empower them to go change the world with their passion, talent, and human potential. Lou is a true humanitarian at heart. 

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Course Description

In today’s smaller, flatter, and multicultural world, it is imperative that we fully grasp and understand the myriad of challenges and opportunities that are in front of us. From the global level, all the way to the national or community level, we must recognize the value of preparing and equipping people to become inclusive and culturally responsive leaders and to capitalize on the opportunities that come with an interconnected world. To embrace and value inclusion at all levels, we must first embrace and value it in ourselves, “I am because WE are.” We must look at our internal challenges, at our own attitudes and implicit biases, as well as our external challenges, at the people we hire or associate with. Ubuntu Leadership is a comprehensive, fun, transformational, and collaborative framework focused on our interdependence, shared responsibilities, and common humanity. Since great learning is a two-way street, we will interact and engage with one another through dialogues and exercises. Ubuntu Leadership is presented in a safe environment in order to encourage open dialogue and discussion on intercultural and interpersonal differences, without being judged. 

Ubuntu: A powerful African philosophy that speaks to the essence of being human, interdependent, and united! 

Ubuntu starts with ME: How are we individually bringing and recognizing our unique gifts and talents for the betterment of the collective? How do I go from ME to WE? 

Diversity and Inclusion are assets: It is vital that we recognize and value ALL aspects of diversity and inclusion at home, at work, and in our communities, locally and globally! 

Inclusive Leadership: As leaders, we must create and nurture a culture that promotes diversity and inclusion. Lou will share essential skills we can continue to develop to make it happen!

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