The Wonders of Wellness Travel

blog_023Hopefully the title of this blog does not make you think about medical travel. You certainly do not have to be sick or need a medical procedure to travel abroad for wellness reasons. In fact, this is not the point of this blog at all. However, have you ever thought of travel as preventative care especially when it comes to coping with stress? Our cities are so chaotic, our jobs so demanding and our lives often colored with stress and yet we keep on going without paying much attention to our body until something stops working.


Everything about social pressure invites us to surround ourselves with yet another gadget, another car, another luxury item that makes us feel good and looks good in the eyes of others, and yet the stress remains. There are people so obsessed with their cars that they pay no attention to the body that houses their mind. So how about taking care of yourself deep within, disconnect from your daily routine and spend time experiencing life more from the inside out rather than from the outside in. How about going on a vacation that is an exploration of places and culture as much as an exploration of the self!


Have you ever thought about unplugging from your job and going on a wellness retreat and vacation all in one? There are numerous places in the world with such magnificent nature perfectly conducive to make us ponder the simple things of life and dedicate time to ourselves. The tranquility of Dominica, for instance can naturally lead people to look within, to relax and let go, to breathe the purest of air and eat the healthiest of foods. Think about how in such a place you can reap the benefits of being a simple basic human, unwind and be one with nature physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This to me equates to preventative care, only with three times the positive effects.



On a wellness retreat you are asked to leave your electronic devices behind so that you are not constantly documenting every minute of your life on social media, but you are instead living in the moment, with all your senses experiencing life first hand and not through a viewfinder or tablet. During a wellness retreat you are at the center of everything, surrounded by stimuli enriching your vacation with memories and emotional experiences that will take your stress away and strengthen your character.


So instead of another cruise, where you will likely overeat and get little or no activity, imagine an experience where your whole body is engaged, allowing you to connect with your sense of self and to find renewed energy and greater life purpose. Imagine going on a beautiful hike in the middle of the rainforest, surrounded by bird songs, accompanied by a soothing river and then imagine swimming under a waterfall. Now, imagine going back to your routine with a sense of joy spread throughout your system better able to cope with stress, tasks and relationships that seemed too overwhelming before.


ginny_whitelawDr. Ginny Whitelaw, President of Focus Leadership and author of three books including, The Zen Leader, and co-creator of the FEBI®, encourages us to:


Imagine a brief vacation where you come away having connected with real people and culture.


Imagine a yoga and movement session where you come away with more energy than you started with.


Imagine a professional development retreat where you come away with new insight into yourself.


Maybe you’ve had each of these experiences separately, but now imagine all three together in eight days and how they could energize and expand your life and work. This is what FEBI®-certified coach, Antimo Cimino, and his company, VoomaGo, are bringing to the world: global travel with a local touch for the whole person. Part of your experience will include a chance to know and tune yourself through the energy patterns of the FEBI®, which is a unique view into your personality that connects body and mind. Once you have an eye for the energy patterns, you’ll come to a deeper appreciation of the diversity, not only in people and cultures, but also in you, and how to use the right energy at the right time.”



The wellness retreat from VoomaGo is particularly unique as it focuses on learning how to be fully engaged in all aspects of your life by tapping into your body’s intelligence and neuromuscular energies, to address your body, your mind, your emotions, and your spiritual being. This wellness retreat will transform your life!


Discover what global travel with a local touch could do for the whole of you this November. Find out more by checking the brief video below.


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