You deserve the gift of health, wellness,
peace and inner joy!

An unforgettable vacation and a retreat in one you will be bragging about! Our wonderful wellness retreat in Dominica promises to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit giving you a sense of renewal and balance. It has been designed around a framework and self-assessment called FEBI® so that you can access different energy types beyond your preference to bring balance and full engagement in every aspect of your life.

This is not an ordinary wellness retreat, it’s focus is entirely on YOU.It has been designed with local experts on the island so that you can actively participate in a variety of daily activities and make sure that you are using your body, mind and spirit in unison. We consider wellness a holistic process during which the body, the mind, the emotions, and the soul of a person are equally engaged. 

If you want to live life from the inside out, letting go of expectations, disconnecting from your routine, being guided with no judgment to greater personal growth, with self-discovery and transformation, then this wellness retreat is for you. It has been designed for active people (age 25-65) who love nature, hiking, practicing different forms of movement, and meditation. 

What’s included


  • Personal coaching based on FEBI® (Focus Energy Balance Indicator), showing you how to work with the energy patterns of your personality integrating mind, body and spirit. You’ll take the FEBI® prior to departure
  • Welcome to Dominica with local food and drinks
  • All inclusive 8 nights stay (double occupancy accommodation in 3 different beautiful harmonious settings)
  • Meals made with fresh, organic, local produce
  • Transportation & transfer to all activities (pick up, drop off and around the island)
  • Daily practice of yoga, meditation, The Body Practice flow
  • Two afternoons completely free and on your own


  • Healthy cooking class and tips from certified nutritionists
  • Local guides and interaction with locals on a daily basis
  • Hot natural mineral pools and rivers perfect to soak in
  • Knowledge of local medical herbs and visit with bush doctor
  • Hikes to waterfalls
  • Visit to Papillote Wilderness Resort and soaking in hot pools
  • Visit to sustainable local homes
  • Yoga class and special dinner at Jungle Bay
  • Unspoiled rainforest and nature with unforgettable settings
  • And much, much more

The Nature Island

Dominica is a relatively undiscovered place. A peaceful island layered with tropical sounds, flowing streams, luxurious natural beauty, eclectic smells, voluptuous tastes, silence and darkness that give way to incredibly starry skies. Dominica is a living spa with an unobstructed flow of energy, a perfect setting for wellness based vacation, a time to unplug from your daily routine and re-think everything. This is why VoomaGo has chosen Dominica as the ultimate wellness destination.

On your first day waking up on the island, the fresh air and lights of the day will welcome you with a multi-sensory shower of sights, sounds, emotions, and above all experiences. Wellness in Dominica is a way of life. Due to its rich fertile soil, the land abounds with fresh citrus fruits, coconuts, bananas, pineapples, coffee, cocoa, and spices that will be part of your daily diet. Organic foods, herbal teas, essential oils, medicinal indigenous herbs, aromatherapy, river massages, yoga, pilates, hiking, healthy conscious cooking and nutrition classes will allow you to reconnect with your inner self and will let your happiness soar.

Accommodation and living

Double occupancy in cottages/apartments in wonderful natural settings where you may share a bathroom with another person or couple. Meals are included, except during the two free time afternoons.

To respect the theme of wellness, healthy living and balance, consumption of alcohol is not encouraged. If occasionally you choose to enjoy a glass of wine or a drink to accompany a meal we ask you that you be perfectly functional the following day.

The logistics and transportation on the Island require that we follow a schedule often consisting of getting up around 8 a.m. and retire relatively early at night (around 9 or 9:30 p.m.). The island is still a developing nation and short distance of 20 miles can take a while to travel due to limited road access. 

Wellness in Dominica is a way of life

November 4th — 12th

Our Dominica Wellness Retreat is $2800 per person and limited to 10 people to ensure the focus is entirely on YOU. This is NOT your typical/ordinary wellness retreat but rather an EXTRAORDINARY combination of a vacation and a retreat in one, during which you will eat healthy, exercise, have fun, learn, be inspired, relax, and rejuvenate!

Reserve Now!

A $500 pp non-refundable deposit is needed to book your spot by July 30th. The balance is due by August 31st, cancellations after this date will be refunded at 50% of the total. Final details and schedule will be sent October 9th.


We will be meeting and departing from the Puerto Rico San Juan airport, which often means staying one night on the way there and back. You are responsible for your flight and accommodation in Puerto Rico.


“Imagine a yoga/movement session where you come away with more energy than you started with. Imagine a vacation getaway where you come away having connected with real people and culture. Imagine a professional development retreat where you come away with new insight into yourself.”

Dr. Ginny Whitelaw

“Dominica is called the Nature Island of the Caribbean and it truly is just that. It's just stunning, everywhere you go. And the people of Dominica are wonderful. When we found the tiny Island of Dominica, we fell in love with her. ”


“Dominica is breathtaking. If you are an adventurer and love nature, you will be in heaven. You can hike a different trail everyday for weeks; there is just that much to see here. There are over 350 rivers, an abundance of waterfalls, amazing hot springs and significant climate changes depending where you are on this small island. ”

Neil F

“Multi-lingual and multi-cuturally sensitive thanks both to his studies and his life experience, his knowledge of wellness, neuroscience and the body-mind relationship make Antimo a great developmental Coach and group dynamic Facilitator.”

Agnes M

“Wellness retreats are a great way to see the world, rejuvenate, learn about health and get exposure to new ways of life. There is so much to learn from different areas of the world, so many life changing areas of wellness and a wealth of information within different cultures.”

Sara O.