Portland’s Food Scene

People in Portland love to eat good, local, and in-season food (some of it grown in rooftop gardens of the restaurants themselves). Today Portland is considered one of the most exciting foodie towns in the country; when it comes to food carts alone you can find more than 600 of them spread throughout the city. Portland is considered a midsize city by US standards but when it comes to the amount of restaurants it has more per capita than all but nine other cities in the United States.

Food carts are part of the culinary fabric of the city. Portland does it a little different than some cities as it has dedicated blocks, often in parking lots, in just about every pocket of the city. Some of the best food in the city can be had standing on the sidewalk. These outdoor food vendors operate year-round and quite an extensive variety can be found throughout the city. The proliferation of carts has led to hyper-focusing on small regions within a cuisine to provide tastes not often found in larger restaurants.

When it comes to eating out, it would be unfair to say that the best option is breakfast, lunch, or dinner because all three are a rather amazing experience. Portland has a full gamut of restaurants serving food and an eating experience that can accommodate and delight all budgets and expectations. One of the biggest problems with eating out in Portland is deciding on where to eat. Maybe you are inspired by Ethiopian cuisine, or a Moroccan experience, perhaps a Peruvian flavor, or a Lebanese option, a Japanese atmosphere, or a Korean Kimchi; Portland has it all.

Portlanders have a complete love affair with food and a strong focus and orientation toward organic foods and locally grown produce. Here you will find restaurants only serving meat that comes from grass fed animals within 50 miles of the city. And if you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free you will not be forgotten, almost every place in town will have options to not only accommodate, but taste good too!

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