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Portland is perfectly located one hour away from Mt. Hood and one and half hours away from the Pacific Ocean. It is also located near the Willamette River Valley (one of the most fertile valleys in the world. The proximity to rivers, mountains, the coast, and valleys provides Portland a wealth of places to explore and make this city very appealing to those who love nature.

No matter the time of the year, Portland has many destinations you can explore each day and for those hoping to explore more of the West Coast of the US, it is only a 3 hour drive away from Seattle and a short two hour flight from San Francisco.


The Willamette river is the city divider between East and West, the Columbia river is the divider between Oregon and Washington. Along these two rivers you will also find incredible hiking spots and waterfalls, making this a haven for hikers, those who love camping, canoeing, boating, and water skiing. Portland is also home to the biggest urban park on the West Coast of the USA, Forest Park stretching for more than 8 miles over the hills overlooking the city.


Just another hour south of Portland, in the Willamette Valley there is a small mecca of wineries with some outstanding and award winning wine labels and beautiful farmland and scenery. It’s position off the coast surrounded by mountains on three sides, and a river that runs the entire 150 miles make it a very productive area for agriculture. The wineries spread from Hillsboro 8-10 miles outside Portland, to Eugene, two hours drive south. The area has great quaint restaurants, luxury SPAs, comfortable hotels, local markets, antique markets and much more to satisfy anyone’s curiosity.

While wine may be it’s most famous export, the valley also produces most of the grass seed, hazelnuts, hops, and Christmas trees sold in the United States.


Taking the scenic drive east along the Columbia river will take you to the Hood River Valley known for it’s Fruit Loop, an amazing drive up the valley past the many orchards, farms, and wineries. This valley is one of the largest pear producing areas in the world.

The city of Hood River is a river town renowned for its access to some of the best windsurfing, kayaking, mountain biking, skiing, and hiking in the United States.



Driving only one hour north of Portland and crossing the border into the state of Washington, one can visit Mt. St Helens, and take in the power and devastation of the volcano’s 1980 eruption. In the heart of the blast zone less than 6 miles from the crater is the Johnston Ridge Observatory, which is a must see part of the experience. Between the observatory, the forestry center, parks, and caves there is plenty to do and see, so take your hiking shoes, a picnic and admire more of the mountains in the Cascade Range.



Heading west of Portland for an hour and a half will take you to the Oregon Coast. Over 360 miles of free and open coastline to explore. You can stop in the city of Tillamook on the way to tour the world famous cheese and ice cream factory.

The waters of the Pacific are quite cold year-round, but the parks, cliffs, cities and dunes more than make up for taking a dip in the ocean.




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