Coffee, beer, wine or spirits, whichever is your libation of choice you will have ample opportunity to locate the ideal drink. There is generally a wine bar, a microbrewery or coffee shop on most blocks in the city. And then there is distillery row, Portland’s home to craft distilleries. One is not necessarily more important than the other, so we recommend you check out the entire liquid PDX scene.


In the last 20 years Portland has developed an intimate relationship with coffee and is well-known for it’s artisanal coffee culture. Stumptown Coffee Roasters has gained national prominence, but there is also an abundance of other excellent roasting companies, micro-roasters, and cafes throughout the city where you can get a delicious cup of joe. In addition to enjoying a nice coffee, tea, or matte, you will find each spot is great for local people watching.


If you are into beer, welcome to Beervana (one of Portland’s many monikers), the microbrew capital of the USA. Portlanders are passionate about beer, evidenced by the fact that their city has the most total breweries and independent microbreweries of any city in the world. And unofficially, there are many more individuals who brew their own at home in their garage and you would be quite surprised with the results, in fact several of the most well-known breweries started exactly like that. Some of our favorites include Rogue, Double Mountain ( near Hood River), Breakside, Lompoc, Hair of the Dog and Hopworks.

Perhaps you are a wine lover. If that is the case we encourage you to spend a full day in the Willamette Valley, home to more than 400 wineries. Some of the best Pinot Noir is produced in this area due to its misty, cool microclimate. The warm summer extending often into September and early October also makes the area conducive to growing other grapes such as Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling, Syrah, and Cabernet. Here are a few wineries we recommend: Archery Summit, Dominino IV, Duck Pond, Erath, Patricia Green Cellars, Rex Hill, Youngberg Hill and Stoller Family Estate.


The most recent foray into the Portland beverage scene is the emerging craft distillery production. Some of our favorites are Clear Creek, House, New Deal and Eastside are making small batch brandy, rum, vodka, whiskey, gin and more. Luckily for you (and us Portlanders) the epicenter of this production can be found at Distillery Row, which is a collection of distilleries within walking distance to allow you to sample some of the best local spirits Portland has to offer.




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