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We cannot separate people from their environment, the same way we cannot separate the Brain from the Body. Balance and coherence between Body and Mind are critical to arrive at life-focused, sustainable WELLBEING. Our “always on” modern culture, along with the challenges of 2020 and the uncertainty, and ambiguity of the future are a stress time bomb waiting to explode. Self-care has never been more critical. We are creature of habits many of which don’t serve us well and cause us to give in too easily to self-sabotage. Wellbeing is both as a Gift and a Journey, one you can embark on or one you can give to others. Show you team that their wellbeing matters to you, your community, your family, and your organization. 


More often then not in our lives, whether we identify as a leader, a family, or a team, simple things go unnoticed until we become critically aware of them. We are often multitasking, in a state of hyper-vigilance, and so outwardly focused that the stressors exceed our coping strategies. Regularly disengaging to replenish our energy is critical to our overall wellbeing. We have either forgotten how, don’t value it, or don’t know how. 

Choose a personable, interactive, engaging, real time, and customizable method to address your overall wellness as opposed to yet another app. My knowledge and approach are grounded in scientific work and research in the fields of Movement, Leadership, and Neuroscience.

Read about the offerings below: One-o-One Coaching or customized wellness retreats for your group.


Neuroscience has brought us remarkable research in the past 10 years which shows that Wellbeing is no different than learning how to play an instrument. If one practices the skills of wellbeing, one will get better at it. Our neural circuitry exhibit great plasticity, so the more we practice a new routine the more we strengthen it. Neurons that fire together wire together, hence by training our brain, we can create powerful neural pathways for wellbeing. Because our body is a strictly interconnected system, a strong mind leads to a strong body, and a stronger immune system.

During our wellness retreat we first set basic foundations of how the brain works when we consider change and adopting new routines. If we are to become resilient and recover from adversities, set backs, negative emotions and experiences, we have to start with self-care, self-compassion, kindness, and gratitude in modest doses.

Leadership is not a title, it is a role that requires action, example and an attitude of service. 

When people look up to you for inspiration, motivation, and guidance, you are a Leader. The ultimate goal of exceptional leaders is to serve their team and their mission, doing so requires a great deal of caring. To care for other and the mission and to keep on giving, leaders must care for the self first and foremost. The leadership journey must be accompanied by these traits: Safety, Trust, Vulnerability, Courage, Exemplifying, Truth, Love, and Compassion.

To stay agile during our leadership journey we must understand that the energy depleted must be restored. Leaders are not superheroes. Energy does not come in endless supplies. We must disconnect regularly to regenerate or our performance and wellbeing will suffer greatly.  

We are taught how to think since an early age and by the time we reach adulthood, we become outwardly focused for the most part. No one teaches us NOT to think, consequently very rarely do we examine our internal landscape and become aware of its potential. Our inner matrix can be harnessed by becoming aware of the connections that exist between the body, the mind and breath, and by constantly training and rewiring our nervous system, we can reach desirable results that seemed unattainable otherwise. 

We experience growth when we become comfortable being uncomfortable, not by avoiding unpleasant experiences that can multiply our misery. What is new or different should not be feared, but rather explored with curiosity and humility.


Antimo Cimino

is a leadership and wellness consultant, intercultural specialist, a chef, and the past Chief Visionary Officer of Cultural Global Labs.

Antimo was born and raised in Southern Italy, he speaks six languages and has lived in five countries. He has over fifteen years of experience designing, implementing and leading leadership development programs and is particularly passionate about wellbeing.

He is a certified coach of FEBI (Focus Energy Balance Indicator), certified Breathwork Teacher (By Yoga Alliance) and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist (By ISSA). Antimo loves to instill in leaders the importance of regularly disengaging to renew their energy, hence preventing burn out. 

His consulting clients include: Visiting Media, Mary’s Woods, Purdue University, University of Monterrey (UDEM) Oregon Mentors, Wolftour and Covo Dei Saraceni. 


Mindfulness, Breathwork, and Wellbeing Coaching

Introduction for Professionals (six hours of contact)

Designed for anyone who is experiencing stress in their personal and professional lives and is aware that  something needs to change. Psychological safety at work has become a priority for many and mental fatigue is another common denominator globally.  Nothing is worth putting your health and wellbeing on hold. A great way to embark on a wellness journey starts with understanding the connections between mind, body and behavior, so unleash your curiosity and your desire to learn something new with real time impact. 

The objective is to understand and explore how the Mind, the Body, and the Breath are interconnected and to learn very basic skills to help you bring balance and coherence in your life.


A one-o-one coaching engagement, customized to your needs that includes:

Getting to know you session (1 h)

Laying basic neuroscience foundations (2h)

Mindfulness, Breathwork and Movement Nutrition sessions (3 hours)


Meeting times can be spread over a period of 3-4 weeks depending on your schedule. 


Cost: $900



To Register for a Coaching Engagement:

Choose one of the two options:

Venmo – Send payment to @Antimo-Cimino – 

PayPal – Send payment to antimo@voomago.com 

In both cases, write Wellbeing Intro as the reason and include your First, Last Name and Where you are located.

Wellness Zone Challenge (Eight 1/2 hour sessions)

Designed for anyone who is committed to making Self-Care and Wellbeing a priority. A great way to start a wellness journey guided with care through real time practices that can help you, sustained you, and support you during challenging times. Taking care of others requires that we take care of ourselves first, starting with making the time and expanding our ways of knowing. 

The objective is to understand and explore how the Mind, the Body, and the Breath are interconnected, to learn different modalities, to hold ourself accountable, and to help you bring balance and coherence in your home, personal and professional lives. 

This is an eight weeks long program meeting once a week for half hour starting on October 27th and ending December 15th. (Meeting time 8:00 Am (PST) via Zoom. 


Cost per person: $180 (Minimum cohort size of 5 people)

TO REGISTER for the Wellness Zone Challenge ($180):

Choose one of the two options:

Venmo – Send payment to @Antimo-Cimino – 

PayPal – Send payment to antimo@voomago.com 

In both cases, write Wellbeing Intro as the reason and include your First, Last Name and Where you are located.

Wellness Retreats (Check below for upcoming dates)

My wellness retreat programs are developed and delivered following a neuroscience and leadership framework. I offer evidence-based tools and practices that contradict the “commonsense” I have spent my whole life believing in. I emphasize the importance of having a change model as a method to cope with change, setbacks, and uncertainty. I encourage looking inward to our internal landscape with intention. A wellness retreat is a perfect way to deepen your mindfulness practice and growth; it has numerous benefits and applications: detaching from negative self-critical thoughts and feelings, transforming negative thoughts into abundance and resilience, and working through challenges, stress, and discomfort brought about life events. 

There are no requirements to participate, everyone is welcomed!

“I have gone to Antimo‘s wellness retreat three times now. I am very grateful for I have learned various mindfulness exercises and continue to practice. As a result, I have found joy and balance, learned how to breath fully and how to connect with the child sprit within. I highly recommend anyone going to Antimo's retreat gathering. It has served me well!”

Melodie EM C.

“Antimo approaches wellness with a purity born from a deep belief in the methods and techniques he shares. His modality pairs his personal experience and work with evidence-based science research that supports how these techniques can improve our well-being. Antimo has the gift of resonating with those he works with to understand the barriers that hold us back, and gently assist us through those obstacles. I’m currently undergoing treatment for an advanced cancer and have leaned on Antimo as a source of energy and information as I navigate this transformational life experience. He’s been a pillar of my care team as I look to integrate a holistic approach to my healing that incorporates both mind and body.”

John Uncage

“Antimo's wellness retreat gave me an opportunity to experience effective new tools and kick aside some old beliefs. I was concerned the retreat might be more rigorous than I was ready for. It was gentle. I was concerned that it might be full of unattainable or contain hard to believe teaching. It was intelligent and brilliant. I wanted to get to know myself better, to see and question what was behind some of my thoughts and feelings, to be able to let go of the outdated and skewed thoughts. I did all that and more.”

Audrey Clark

“The wellness retreat was one of the most powerful experience I have had in a long time. Not only it was just what the doctor ordered, it was a jump start on my awareness of body/mind/breath connection. My brain was stretched in all the right ways and I walked away with many practical tools that I continue to use. ”

July D.

“I came to Antimo's retreat in Puglia, Italy, completely depleted of energy and overwhelmed with stress. Within the first half hour I knew I was in the right place. I have now gone back three times; what I have learned from Antimo has transformed my life. I am forever grateful.”

Gianna M.


Wellness Puglia (May 29th to June 5th, 2022) 

Wellness Puglia

If you wish to create a wellness retreat for your group or corporate team, please email antimo@voomago.com