Wellness RetreatsMindful at Menucha - Feb 6th, 2021

We cannot separate people from their environment, the same way we cannot separate the Brain from the Body. Balance and coherence between Body and Mind are critical to arrive at life-focused, sustainable WELLBEING. Our “always on” modern culture, along with the challenges of 2020 and the uncertainty, and ambiguity of the future are a stress time bomb waiting to explode. Self-care has never been more critical. We are creature of habits many of which don’t serve us well and cause us to give in too easily to self-sabotage. Wellbeing is both as a Gift and a Journey, one you can embark on or one you can give to others. Show you team that their wellbeing matters to you, your community, your family, and your organization. 

Our wellness retreat programs are developed and delivered following a neuroscience and leadership framework. We emphasize the importance of having a change model as a method to cope with change, set backs, and uncertainty. We encourage the crafting of a story to spark connections, to create meaning, and to hold us accountable. Finally, we practice mindfulness in movement and breath to tap into our parasympathetic system and bring about balance and coherence in our lives. 

Neuroscience has brought us remarkable research in the past 10 years which shows that Wellbeing is no different than learning how to play an instrument. If one practices the skills of wellbeing, one will get better at it. Our neural circuitry exhibit great plasticity, so the more we practice a new routine the more we strengthen it. Neurons that fire together wire together, hence by training our brain, we can create powerful neural pathways for wellbeing. Because our body is a strictly interconnected system, a strong mind leads to a strong body, and a stronger immune system.

During our wellness retreat we first set basic foundations of how the brain works when we consider change and adopting new routines. If we are to become resilient and recover from adversities, set backs, negative emotions and experiences, we have to start with self-care, self-compassion, kindness, and gratitude in modest doses.

Leadership is not a title, it is a role that requires action, example and an attitude of service. 

When people look up to you for inspiration, motivation, and guidance, you are a Leader. The ultimate goal of exceptional leaders is to serve their team and their mission, doing so requires a great deal of caring. To care for other and the mission and to keep on giving, leaders must care for the self first and foremost. The leadership journey must be accompanied by these traits: Safety, Trust, Vulnerability, Courage, Exemplifying, Truth, Love, and Compassion.

To stay agile during our leadership journey we must understand that the energy depleted must be restored. Leaders are not superheroes. Energy does not come in endless supplies. We must disconnect regularly to regenerate or our performance and wellbeing will suffer greatly.  


Paul Kuthe

is an executive coach, athletes performance coach and the founder of Tributary Coaching. 

Paul is also a PRO kayaker who brings concepts, techniques, and mental strategies of athletes performance into the work of executives development and team development. During his professional sports career kayaking some of the most demanding rivers, he learned the importance of coaching, commitment, and operating in the moment with intense focus and determination while simultaneously managing fear and self-doubt. The natural world, like the business world, can be one of life’s greatest teachers if you ‘attend class’ on a regular basis. Paul prides creating positive change in the lives of business professionals striving to make a positive impact in the world.  


Antimo Cimino

is a leadership and wellness consultant, intercultural specialist, a chef, and the Chief Visionary Officer of Cultural Global Labs.

Antimo was born and raised in Southern Italy, he speaks six languages and has lived in five countries. He has over fifteen years of experience designing, implementing and leading leadership development programs and is particularly passionate about wellbeing. He is a certified coach of FEBI (Focus Energy Balance Indicator) and loves to instill in leaders the importance of regularly disengaging to renew their energy, hence preventing burn out. 

Antimo seeks constant learning and growth particularly in the areas of Neuroscience and Wellbeing of various forms.


Gathering at The Menucha Center, in Corbett Oregon, we will spend a wonderful day laying some foundation of Neuroscience and Change Management and then delving into breathing, meditation, movement and mindfulness practices and modalities. The day will be spend partially inside and outside (weather alluringly). While the room capacity by Social Distancing standards is set at 34 we have chosen to only allow 10-12 people to sign up in order to keep higher standards of safety. Wearing a mask inside will be required and to your discretion when outside. The facility is equipped with proper bathrooms, coffee breaks, and an individually box lunch which we plan to enjoy at the waterfall just 4 miles down the road. To learn more about the long history of Menucha, to view more pictures of the stunning setting, and to find out their rate for staying overnight, please visit: MENUCHA


Mindful at Menucha: A Narrative River Retreat
February, 6th, 2021 from 8:45 Am to 4:45 Pm.

The Menucha Center
38711 Historic Columbia River Highway,
Corbett, OR 97019

EARLY BIRD RATE (safe $25) when you register by Jan. 1st.