Mind Body Wellbeing

When we look back to 2020, it is not difficult to assess that a health global crisis, racial tension, socio-political fragmentation and economic challenges have forced us to become more aware of our mental health. Until early 2020, many thought mental health did not pertain to us, now instead, we are all experiencing some mental health fatigue and/or exhaustion at the very least. So then the critical question becomes: What are we doing about it?

Many still plough through their busy “changed” lives in complete denial, unaware that they could benefit from some tools or coping methods to prevent burn out. Yes, I am talking to the working parents who, on top of their jobs, have to play babysitter, teacher, provider, entertainer, and so on. I am also talking to those who are juggling more responsibilities than ever before, the independent, single human beings who are experiencing all the effects of continued lock down, uncertainty, unemployment, little or no social life, etc….

If you didn’t notice, we are truly living through unprecedented and turbulent times and COVID-19 has made the issue of mental health and overall wellbeing, not only relevant for all but crucial.

The paradox is also that we all wish we had more productive energy in spite of all the tools, gadgets and technology that are supposed to help us. The recent constant technological changes and demands are fragmenting our focus even more and are possibly impacting negatively how we show up. I strongly encourage you to shift the focus on two important resource that we all have at our disposal for free. They offer us great advantages if we actually learn to use them more wisely – our mind and our breath. Personally, my preference and encouragement is to disconnect without any aid from phones, apps, or other gadgets, just you, your mind, and your breath.

The mind is not separate from the body. Our body talks to us, but we don’t listen until sometimes it is too late. Consider rebooting; rebooting is not something that is done to you or for you, we MUST commit to doing it ourselves and make the “Self” a priority. Like computers and softwares, to operate at an optimal level, we need to install new hardware, new sequence, and create new circuitry. What if we took the time to unplug from the matrix and took care of our mind buy letting it wonder, rest, and heal? What if we became more aware of the connection between the mind and our emotions? What if we could affect how we feel by connecting the mind with breath?

Neuroscience has a lot to teach us about our neuro programming and why it is so hard to change routines that no longer serves us well. Our habits (good or bad) are ingrained within us and difficult to change. We excel at talking ourselves out of something we know very well we need because it is not part of what we routinely do. In addition, the external environment is constantly seducing us to make excuses and procrastination becomes our best friend. Don’t waiting until a life changing event happens to you or a loved one to finally take charge of your own health and wellbeing? Ask yourself, what is holding me back from taking a courageous step toward life-focused sustainable wellbeing practices?

Our body is often only stopped by our mind. Always remember that the body and the mind work in unison, one cannot exist or function without the other. Learning new breathing practices and new movement on an ongoing basis keeps your motor skills sharp, increases brain function, and creates efficiencies in our body. It is unfortunate that functional movement, breathing, mental focus, and creativity are often underrated in mainstream fitness and performance, but trust me, a fit mind yields a fit body. Your body is more than energy drinks, reps, protein powder and calories, it is about vitality, energy renewal, breathing, balance, adaptation, and resilience.

So here are some tips on how to explore mind body wellbeing practices:

Sit still even for just 10 minutes a day, while breathing deeply from your nose.

Turn off your phone and disinvest the energy you are putting into your social reality.

Notice your emotions and become aware of how they make you feel.

Acknowledge your thoughts without allowing your mind to raise, follow your breath and let go. 

Bring about a smile to your face with your eyes closed as you exhale completely like a deflated balloon. 

Develop a daily routine with no fault, starting with blocking 10 minutes of time for yourself. 

Repeat this process two to three times a day as needed. We can all find 20-30 minutes for Self-Care. Heck block your calendar if you must!


Where are you on your personal journey with Life-Focused Sustainable Wellbeing? How can I help you on that journey? What are you questions? 

Please send me a note, I would love to help! Antimo@voomago.com

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