Roseau, Dominica

Roseau, Dominica


This amazing and unique paradise is home to the vast national park and rain forest of Morne Trois Pitons as well as the second largest hot spring in the world, Boling Lake. This island unlike others, is not well known for its beaches, although there are many to enjoy, but for the stunning beauty of its nature and natural resources with impressive hikes, waterfalls, bird-watching, secluded pools and springs, and charming villages.


The main way of getting to the island by air is via Melville Hall Airport, either from Puerto Rico or other nearby islands. The other major city is Portsmouth in the north. These two cities and the north side of the island  (Calibishie region) are connected by good paved roads and are within 45 minutes to one hour and half apart. When traveling west to east the road get smaller and at times rough and in some cases down to a dirt path. For this reason it is recommended to explore the island with a Local.



  • This beautiful mesmerizing Island is located south-southeast of Guadeloupe and northwest of Martinique on the East side of the Caribbeans and it is its own nation. 
  • Only 750 square Kilometres or 290 sq miles with its highest mountain reaching an elevation of 1,447 metres or 4,747 ft this is a paradise for hikers, nature lovers, divers, and adventurers. 
  • Dominica is also the sacred home of about 2,500 Caribs the remaining pre-Columbian population on the eastern Caribbean. 
  • On this island there is a river for every day in the year (365).
  • English is spoken here by the vast majority of people. 
  • While it is a popular cruise ship destinations cruise liners are not allowed to overnight and our Locals can advise on daily activities to avoid crowds from the cruise ships and long lines. 

There are a multitude of hotel options in the city. There is something to meet every financial, cultural and historical need. VoomaGo has worked with our network of Locals and partnered with many accommodations options. When we’re building your trip with you, we can discuss the availability and right fit for your needs.

A Day in Dominica

One day on this paradisiac island is better spent with a Local who can take you to the spice market in Roseau, take you to the small fishing village of Scott’s Head and hike all the way up the south tip to enjoy the stunning view. Head north for lunch at Papillotte, one of the most amazing places on the island and tour the restaurant’s meticulous garden. Soak your feet in the mineral warm pools and end with a hike to Trafalgar Falls.

If instead you are on the other side of the Island you can spend the day with a Local visiting a Rasta community near Delices to meet Moses a well known herbalist on the island. Enjoy a wonderful local meal before you adventure on the most amazing hike through water, up and down a few boulders until you get to the spectacular Victoria Falls. You can end the day relaxing in the white river for a natural mineral massage.

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Roseau, Dominica

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Roseau, Dominica