Penne, Italy

Penne, Italy

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So much of Italy has been inhabited since ancient times and that is indeed the case in Penne (Pinna means high rock).  It is known to have been the seat of government for the Vestini people starting around 300 B.C. who were, of course, eventually rousted by the Romans.  Learning the history of the smaller communities around Italy helps to paint a more accurate picture of who the Italian people are today.   Each change of political or religious leadership has had an impact on the evolution of the culture.

Many fine palaces and civic structures were erected in the 16th century by Margaret of Parma to whom the town had been gifted from her father upon the occasion of her wedding.   Many of these and other ancient churches, some of which have been converted to museums, still stand today.

  • The town has a population of about 15,000.
  • It sits in the hills of central Italy between the Apennine Mountains and the Adriatic Sea. 
  • The economy of Penne is driven mainly by tourism, agriculture, the regional hospital and Brioni, the Italian fashion house whose suits are still hand sewn by Pennese women.
  • The temperature averages in the 80’s in the summer months.

There are a multitude of hotel options in the city. There is something to meet every financial, cultural and historical need. VoomaGo has worked with our network of Locals and partnered with a few vetted accommodations and options. When we’re building your trip with you, we can discuss the availability and right fit for your needs.

A day in Penne…

This is an excellent town for walking but with good walking shoes.  It was built completely of bricks on the tops of four hills, on two of which the medieval center still rises between the valleys of the Tavo and Fino rivers, amid a landscape of green hills and woods.  The ancient town center is well preserved, a maze of narrow, steep alleys, surrounded by the 15th century walls, still partly existent.  While it retains much of its historical charm, Penne is a thriving commercial and crafts center, especially well-known for its wrought-iron artisans.

If you feel more like taking in some nature or specifically bird-watching, you need to see theRiserva Naturale Lago di Penne.  This is a lake to the southwest of Penne, including a Botanical Garden and an area where birds are rehabilitated then freed in the Riserva (Reserve) which hosts over 160 species of birds.

Experiences in Penne