Manduria, Italy

Manduria, Italy

Experience Manduria

Looking for a true local experience running into little or no tourists, rustic, ancient and idiosyncratic small Italian town in the south of Puglia, Italy? Manduria is all of this and much more. Its people, its food and local produce, its vibrant weekly market,  its beaches offer incredible opportunities to experience the warmth of this tucked away place. The old town is ancient with cobblestones and narrow streets, a Medieval Jewish Ghetto, a piazza and a small castle and a cathedral from the Middle Ages renovated around the 16th century. The people of Manduria, “i Manduriani”, are very warm and welcoming and curious about other cultures and for the most part are farmers of grapes and olives and very proud to show you their crafts. While the infrastructure of the town is not the most refined its authenticity seems to impress visitors nevertheless not to talk about their pizza, gelato and pastries. 

  • Located toward the end of the Italian boot in the eal, it is only 15 minutes away from the Ionic Sea
  • It is home to one of the most well known red wine of the south. The Primitivo di Manduria
  • Its history goes back as far as 300 BC then the Messapi populated the area
  • In the 10th century it was destroyed by the Saracens and then rebuilt and named by the locals as Casalnovo. 
  • To these days, when when digging to build new structures, tombs full of artifacts from second and third century BC are still found.
  • Borders the Salento Region rich in cultural activities all year long
  • Only 10 minutes away from Oria home to a Medieval Castle from Frederic II
  • One hour or so away from Alberobello well known for the the Trulli houses
  • Ideal time to visit April to mid July and end of August to Christmas

There are a multitude of hotel options in the city.  There is something to meet every financial, cultural and historical need. VoomaGo has worked with our network of Locals and partnered with a few vetted accommodations and options. When we’re building your trip with you, we can discuss the availability and right fit for your needs.

A day in Manduria…

Manduria can be easily spent visiting a Local vineyard or olive orchard to learn about the family history as well as tasting some local products. Or maybe you want to go to the market and buy a few produce to fix a meal with our locals in their home as you learn a few of their culinary traditions. If you are a water person, the Ionian sea is very much crystal clear as a devin swimming natural pool. A variety of traditional dishes can be enjoyed in local restaurants with a rustic atmosphere and at very affordable prices. People watching and shopping seems to also be a favorite among many travelers.

Experiences in Manduria