Bologna, Italy

Bologna, Italy


Often unfairly overlooked as a tourist destination, the city of Bologna boasts a vibrant cultural atmosphere, fascinating historical sites and spectacular local cuisine. The largest city in the region of Emilia-Romagna and seventh most populous in Italy, Bologna manages to feel quieter and less frenetic than many other large Italian cities. As home to the oldest university in the Western world (founded in 1088), the city benefits from its lively student presence with lots of theater, nightlife and amazing food options. Take a stroll through miles of charming “porticos” (covered walkways) in the center of town and you’ll discover why Bologna is called Bologna la rossa or “Bologna the red.” The warm, reddish palette of much the city’s medieval architecture is a fitting match to the warmth of character and personality of its people.

  • The population of Bologna is about 380,000.
  • It has a humid, subtropical climate. The average, annual high temperature is 64 degrees but the summer months average the low to mid-80’s.
  • Bologna is a railway and motorway hub for Italy and they have an excellent bus and tram system. However, their large commuter rail is still under development. The University of Bologna, founded in 1088, is the second oldest university in the world.
  • Over the centuries, Bologna has acquired many nicknames: “the learned one” (la dotta) is a reference to its university; “the fat one” (la grassa) refers to its cuisine. “The red one” (la rossa) refers to the color of the roofs in the historic center.
  • Bologna hosts 17 different festivals throughout the year such as; the Bolognafestival – international classical music festival or the Bologna Jazz Festival – the Italian autumn jazz event.
  • It has given its name to the well-known Bolognese sauce, a meat based pasta sauce called in Italy ragu alla bolognese. 
  • Situated in the fertile Po River Valley, the rich local cuisine depends heavily on meats and cheeses. As in all of Emilia-Romagna, the production of cured pork meats such as prosciutto, mortadella and salami is an important part of the local food industry.
  • There are many world-renowned individuals from Bologna. Rossano Brazzi, the film actor who starred in South Pacific among other movies, was born here.
  • The famous Maserati and Lamborghini automobile headquarters are located here.

There are a multitude of hotel options in the city.  There is something to meet every financial, cultural and historical need. VoomaGo has worked with our network of Locals and partnered with a few vetted accommodations and options. When we’re building your trip with you, we can discuss the availability and right fit for your needs.

A day in Bologna…

Bologna is a gastronomic heaven! While it offers many other opportunities to experience the culture we strongly suggest you get up close and personal with their culinary tradition. Bologna is the birthplace of tortellini, mortadella, and, the famous red sauce, ragú alla bolognese.

Don’t miss these three amazing markets, Mercato di Mezzo located in the area know as quadrilatera a multi-block area where many charcuterie type of stores display and sell various cured meats and local cheese. Mercato Storico also known as La Piazzola popular on Fridays and Saturdays with 400+ local farmers and vendors located in Piazza VIII Agosto. Mercato delle Erbe open every day in the city center is the perfect stop for an affordable lunch.

The perfect way to end the day on a monday is to join a VoomaGo Experience making Toretellini and Ravioli with two of the top master in the city, Elena and Emanuele

Experiences in Bologna

Tortellini: Secrets of the Masters

The ring- or navel-shaped stuffed tortellini now famous throughout the world were originally a culinary specialty and tradition of Bologna.…

Bologna, Italy

A Day with a Local Farmer

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“This was absolutely a dream come true for a foodie looking for authentic experiences in italy. We've been to cooking classes before and this put all of them in the dust. This felt like someone was giving you a professional class in tortellini making and then you get the benefit of going to their home and eating with them and their family and friends. This was one of the best meals of our lives and we would pay double the price to do it again. Massimo showing us around, driving us around, helping us shop and translating made it happen and was indispensable.”

Harry Ford