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Why We Love Italy

We Love Italy, It’s not only the birthplace of Antimo (VoomaGo’s co-founder) but it is where VoomaGo was created. Italy and the warmth of its people have so much to offer the world including art, history, fashion, design, culture, architecture, beaches, landscapes, and the endless variety of regional culinary traditions (let’s not forget wine and olive oil). It is relatively easy to get around with the train and transportation system, and there is enough english spoken to communicate. Even if you find yourself in more remote areas (we hope you do), the laid back and open people are very willing to find a way to converse, usually with colorful animated gestures.

Italy has a long and rich history with travelers visiting its myriad of sites, museums, and tourist destinations. What truly makes Italy a top five travel destination is that people always come back for more, they crave the culture, contrasts, and in particular many up-close-and-personal authentic experiences that will transform your life.

Need to know

  • The best airport to fly into is Rome, providing you with a central starting point from where you can head north or south.
  • For travel within Italy, trains are most commonly used. Buses and airplanes are also important options to think about. (More information about transportation below)
  • The currency in Italy is the Euro.
  • You will pay more in the north than the south for almost all goods and services.
  • Most stores are open 9:30am to 1:30pm and re-open around 5pm and may stay open till 10pm (Especially in the summer).
  • To avoid standing in long lines at a museum, see if you can book your tickets online.
  • You’ll want two weeks to savor the food, culture, arts and history that Italy has to offer.

When to Go

When it comes to visiting Italy our strongest recommendation is that you avoid July and August as these two months are not only the warmest but it is also when the locals go on vacation and many businesses close. Also due to the heat, most places will close around 1:30 pm and re-open around 5:30, this is especially true for supermarkets and stores selling goods and merchandise. The months of April and May, while they are great months to travel to Italy you might encounter large groups of students visiting the most famous cities, all the more reason to check out small little towns full of personality and charm.

We consider the sweet spot as the end of August through September, you can still get some amazing days on the beach (without the crowds), the grapes are being harvested, and you can get more in touch with locals and their traditions with your pick of food festivals and Patron Saint days. A time most people don’t consider and yet very rewarding is November and December, which offer cheaper flights, less tourists and the opportunity to make bread, harvest olives and go mushroom hunting.

Where To Stay

The choices of accommodation are endless almost everywhere you go, the tricky part is paying the right amount of money for the type of comfort you require. It’s getting harder and harder to find places online that have truthful photos and representation of service. We find that it is always best to talk to a local who can help you find and vet the perfect place for your needs.

Italy has some unique styles of accommodation for people looking into something different. Agriturismo is is a style of vacationing in a farm house where you often get to participate and sample the foods and products produced on the land. Monastery or Convent stays offer simple, clean, and often affordable (though not always the case anymore) housing where you can volunteer to serve meals, prep the food, and welcome pilgrims.

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