Introducing Our First VoomaTrip!

Map of Italy


Things are constantly growing here at VoomaGo, as is the experiential travel industry.  It means people are realizing that “vacation” in Italy doesn’t have to involve driving around with 50 strangers on a tour bus. While our individual experiences are great for enriching your own vacation, we’ve realized that we can also offer a completely new way to travel: VoomaTrips!


VoomaTrips combine our excellent local experiences with an excellent local guide—our own native Italian cofounder Antimo—to create an unforgettable and intimate trip to an Italy you’ve never seen before.  With a very small group (no more than 10-12 travelers at a time) you’ll get to spend a week each in Northern and Southern Italy, getting to know the food, wine, art, and culture that spans throughout history and continues to impact the entire world.


Unlike our normal experiences, VoomaTrips are offered during specific times of the year to accommodate the type of activities they’re based around or particular events taking place. For example, our first trip runs from March 13th to 27th, aligning with the planting season for the Primitivo grape vineyards—one of the many VoomaTrip-exclusive experiences you’ll get to encounter.


Dying to know more? We know you are. So we created a page right here just for you to discover everything you need to know about joining us on this chance of a lifetime. We’re excited to see you in March!

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