What is Voomago?
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a local friend wherever you traveled? Someone who could give you travel advice, help you navigate, speak the language, and take you into their home for a meal?

VoomaGo does just that. We connect you with authentic, hand-picked Locals around the world who are within three degrees of separation from VoomaGo’s founders. They will help you plan your trip and get you oriented upon arrival. You’ll also be able to take part in unforgettable “behind-the-scenes” experiences during your stay. As a happy medium between all-inclusive tour groups and rugged “do-it- yourself” travel, we help you customize your itinerary according to your own personal travel style and comfort level.

Why travel with Voomago?
By traveling with VoomaGo, you’ll not only waste less time, avoid tourist traps, and get a leg up on the logistics, you’ll also get to savor the warmth of the local people, not to mention some incredible local food!

We are very proud to offer authentic Experiences that you cannot access anywhere else.

Why pay somebody to show me around?
Because we’re good at what we do. You are paying for years of relationship building, legwork, personal touch,  and expertise that go into a personalized itinerary that will give you a trip to enjoy and to brag about when you get home. 

While you can always do your travel research online or with guidebooks (where the information is sometimes dated before it’s even published) – and we recommend that you do – having a resource on the ground that you can have a 1:1 interaction will take a lot of the guesswork out of the planning.

How can I buy a VoomaGo Experience?
All of our amazing and exclusive Experiences are available to you as you build a trip with us or plan to visit Italy on your own and would like to book one or two experiences. We will work with you to build a custom itinerary in the destinations and countries we offer, and help you choose the Experiences (or create one with you) that best fit your vacation.

Can I buy an Experience without buying a VoomaPass?
You can, however if you want to get the best and most authentic information about a region directly from our locals on the ground, a VoomaPass is a great value and solution. 


How does the VoomaPass work?

A VoomaPass is a 3-hours consulting service specific to your needs. We source for you the most authentic, reliable and up-to-date information directly from Locals in the areas you will be vacationing.

With a VoomaPass you don’t need to sit through hours of online research that leaves you questioning the authenticity of what you found out.

Do I need a VoomaPass for each Experience?
No. A VoomaPass is region specific and the most basic service we offer to get you salient information on where to go, logistics, places to eat at and MUST see towns. 

Can I add Experiences when I’m on my vacation?
Yes, however arranging them on the fly can be difficult due to the locals’ availability. Contact Antimo at antimo@voomago.com with a few days notice. 

How should we prep for our journey?
We encourage you to research your destination. With all the travel books and websites available, sifting through the information overload can become daunting. Many sites also cater to the tourist destinations and obvious things that any traveler can do. We dig deeper; we have true Locals who can escort you through that mess. Vacations are a luxury item—everything you do costs money (meals, hotels, flights, etc.), and with a little local knowledge, you can get the most from your travel dollar.

How come you don’t have famous museums or destinations in your bank of Experiences?
We encourage you to take control of your vacation. Anybody can figure out how to go to the Louvre or the Colosseum. Local knowledge can help you figure out the best times to go visit, or that the Gardens of Versailles are open an hour earlier than the Palace (a great pro tip to view them in peace and quiet). We specialize in a personal touch to get you the true unfiltered Experience of what it’s like to live in the city you’re visiting.

Can I gift a VoomaPass and Experiences to someone?
Yes. A VoomaPass and Experiences make a great gift (know someone getting married soon?). We do need to know who is going on the trip, and, even if this is a surprise gift, we will want to talk with the people receiving the gift to allow us to customize a trip to their interests and tastes.

Am I able to share the cost of the VoomaPass with other travellers?
Yes (the more the merrier), as long as you’re traveling together. The VoomaPass is for a personal traveling party. So if you (a couple) and your friends (another couple) are travelling together, you need just one VoomaPass. But we will need to know everyone who is going, and your friends will need to log in to the site so they can purchase their own Experiences. Experiences are priced per person.

After I have purchased a VoomaPass, can I invite others to join me?
Yes. We will need to know how many people in your traveling party. Remember however that experiences are priced per person.


Will I be with a group of people I don’t know?
No. Our VoomaPass means that only you and your personal travel party will be spending time with our Local.

From time to time, we do offer Getaway Weekends and special events that will be invitation-only and may include small groups.

Do you book flights?
No. We can help counsel you on some of the logistics of flying (dates, airports, etc.), but you need to book your own flights.

Do you book accommodations?
We are building our network of accommodations. In many locations, we have several options for you to choose from. We can discuss this when you call.

What if I want to travel to a location that doesn’t have any Experiences on the website?
We are continuously building our roster of Locals. Even if your next trip is taking you to a place we have not listed, please do contact us as our extensive network may allow us to organize a VoomaGo Experience in yet another destination.

How safe is VoomaGo?
Safety is our #1 priority for you and our Locals.

We understand that you might have some apprehensions. As such, we have developed a system of trust. That means all of our Locals are within three degrees of separation of VoomaGo’s co-founders, Antimo and Tyson. Trust is very important to us, and we only bestow it upon those who are close to us.

What do you mean when you say three degrees of separation?

We are working with real, strong, and personal relationships. This means that our Locals are either a good friend. Or our good friend’s friend. Or lastly that friend’s friend.

Can I change the date or time of my Experience?
It might be possible, but remember that our Locals are real people with lives and jobs of their own. Please contact your Local immediately and let them know you’d like to adjust your reservation, and maybe they will be able to accommodate.

Can I make custom requests like getting picked up at the airport?
Please do. One of VoomaGo’s best features is to tap into our network and build an amazing custom Experience for you. We have built many Experiences around our clients’ requests. The beauty of knowing someone where you’re travelling is having the “hook up” when you are looking to do something out of the ordinary.

Can I buy travel insurance through you?
No, we don’t offer it at this time. We are looking to build a partnership with someone we find is a good fit for you and us. We recommend you talk with your personal insurance company to see what they can offer you. This link provides some valuable information on what questions to ask.


Who are your Locals?
People who love to share and who will open up a destination to newcomers. Insightful and welcoming people from whom you will learn, and individuals you will relish spending time with. All new Locals are interviewed and put through a dry run before we accept them into our family.

Are VoomaGo’s Locals professional guides?
Most are not, but some of our Locals may be professional guides with credentials

The key for us is passion. We are looking for Locals from all walks of life who are passionate about the city they live in and who represent a wide spectrum of professions, experiences, and stages in life.

Do I pay the Locals?
All financial transactions (except gratuities) will go through our secure payment gateway. VoomaGo transactions go through one of the leading payment gateways in the industry to provide transactions that are safe, secure, and as seamless as possible.

To make everything safe, secure, and easy, we ask you to prepay the associated fee at the time of booking to demonstrate your commitment. We will take care of paying our Local host, which means that, once you are on site, money matters are out of the way. No fumbling for local currencies or awkward moments. Just meet at the planned rendezvous spot and enjoy!

What is your cancellation policy?
Please visit here to view our cancellation policy.

What happens if a Local cancels?
Life does happen, and most of our Locals are regular people who can have unforeseen situations pop up. If a Local has to cancel at any time, we will do our best to reach out to our network and find you another Local. In the event that one of our other awesome Locals cannot fill in, you will be refunded in full.

What is your weather Policy?
If your Experience cannot take place due to inclement weather, your Local will work with you to reschedule the Experience or provide an alternate (just as cool) Experience. If rescheduling is not possible, you will receive a full refund upon notifying Voomago support.

What if my guide is not at the meeting location?
1: Check your booking confirmation for location and time.

2:  If you’re at the correct place, you can try calling your Local’s cell phone number (provided to you in your booking confirmation).

3: If you are cannot reach  your guide-partner, please call us on our 24-hour traveller hotline  (provided to you in your booking confirmation).

Can I phone the guide?
After you have purchased a VoomaPass and we’ve decided on the best location for your Home City, we will put you in touch with your Local to communicate via email, Skype, or phone.

What types of thing will my Local show me during my visit?
Our Locals are like having a friend in a city you’re visiting, they will show you their unique view of their city.They will get to know a little about you before you go, and they can customize based on your interest, and tastes. It’s like getting a backstage pass to a city, with access to all the little hole-in-the-wall places, or off-the-beaten-path spots that the true Locals visit.

Is tipping included, and, if not, how much?
Tipping is not included in the prices. Everyone has a different take on gratuities, and they often depend on the situation and culture. If you would like more guidance, please ask us as we are planning your trip.

Do I have to pay for my Local’s meals?
With Experiences that require a meal or snack, your Local has his/her meal covered in the price of the Experience.

It is perfectly acceptable to  invite your Local to a meal not part of a set Experience to either thank them or spend more time with them. But please keep in mind your Local’s time is their time, and they may have to decline your invitation.