Experiential Travel: Positive Side Effects

Have you ever wondered what travel does to us?

Experiential Travel in particular has the ability to shift our perspective – the person who travels seeking to participate in the culture and engages with the locals will return a different person. 
Self-improvements, wider worldview, and personal growth are all likely positive side effects! Of course I am inviting you to think of side effects in this instance as unexpected pleasant outcomes. 

So true!

Leaving yourself behind does not imply letting go or your core values, but simply encourages to set them aside by inviting curiosity and exploration.

Personally, I started to travel at the age of 14, when I was living in Puglia (Southern Italy) and decide to spend a summer with a French family in Alsace, France. Thirty-three years later I am still traveling. I now live in Portland, Oregon and I am as addicted to travel as EVER! 


I encourage you to look back in history at the travel evolution and trends, to realize that the common denominators that still make people travel are – Human Connection and Personal Growth. The engagement with others and differences adds depth, meaning, and richness to your travel experience. Of course, the internet has become a window to the world for many, but there is truly no comparison between learning about other culture through a screen or tablet and experiencing it first hand through Experiential Travel.



Experiential Travel is an authentic way to connect with people on a human level, through interaction, participation in their lifestyle, through our senses, and emotions. One can say that there are two ways to travel, as a tourist or as a traveler. The first spends a lot of time with other groups of visitors, checking out museums, artifacts, restaurants, shopping etc.., the latter dives deeper into the culture hoping to engage with locals off the beaten path for a more transformative experience.


While both experiences are rewarding, the Traveler experience is richer and has the ability to transform your life and create meaningful change in the world. A traveler gets excited about cultural differences and is aware that travel has a dual purpose, an inner journey of discovery and an outer journey of exploration and adventure. 


Be ready to explore, adventure, and recalibrate your inner compass!

Have an open mind, put on your experiential travel lenses and join me as we dive deeper into the Italian culture. Italian people will envelop you with their warm sense of hospitality, their homes will become your home opening the door to life-long friendship and memories to last you a lifetime! 

Remember, a destination is not a place, but a new way of seeing thing!

Happy Travels!


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