A Weekend in Lecce: History, Food, and the Arts

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A Weekend in Lecce: History, Food, and the Arts

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Not many know that Lecce is considered the Florence of the south, as the birthplace of Baroque and Rococo. To get a real feel for Lecce, nothing can be better than getting to mingle with the locals by spending a couple of nights at the downtown home of our Local, Gabriele. His recently renovated home was built originally in the early 1700, using the prestigious Pietra Leccese, a type of stone well sought after by many in the world of stonemasonry. As well as providing you with lodging and breakfast, he will be your devoted host for two days and nights and will show you a fabulous time in this incredible city and its surroundings.


On the first day, after spending sometime walking around Lecce, stopping at the farmers’ market to buy a few local ingredients, Grabriele will teach you how to make a fabulous Italian dinner and have some local vino rosso. The following day, a variety of things can be planned just for you according to your interests. Perhaps a day trip to a beach on the Adriatic coast or the Ionic sea? Or you could check out the local boutiques for some fashion finds (Lecce boasts the best shopping in the whole region). Gabriele and his sister, Daniela, have access to unique, exclusive activities and places of interest to visit which you might otherwise never have known about.


You will be fascinated by the city and its Greco-Roman influence and capital of the Salento region, famous for its wine, olive oil, and its rich, thriving dialect. Neither this city nor this Experience is one to be missed!


Please note: this Experience is best for a travel party of 2.

  • A full weekend (2 days and 2 nights) with a local resident in his newly remodeled 400-year-old home to learn about him, the culture, and life in Puglia
  • An American breakfast will be provided each day
  • There will be plenty of time for shopping
  • A trip to the local farmers’ market 
  • Lesson on how to prepare a traditional meal featuring local products; then you will have the opportunity to eat together accompanied by lovely wine
  • You can pick and choose your Sunday activities; there are many options like swimming, snorkeling, beach time, etc.


Duration: Weekend stay

Availability: Friday to Sundays, September to July

Difficulty level: Easy

Meals: Breakfasts and dinner on Saturday included, All other meals, food, and/or beverages are on your own.

Transportation: Rental car suggested for side trips

Requirements: We need to know of any food allergies or intolerances

Equipment RecommendedSwimwear in the summer, snorkeling gear, lots of water, sun lotion

Max # of people allowed: 2

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