Tortellini: Secrets of the Masters

Tortellini: Secrets of the Masters

Bologna, ItalyCall For Price Full Day

The ring- or navel-shaped stuffed tortellini now famous throughout the world were originally a culinary specialty and tradition of Bologna. Located in the Northern part of Italy, the city of Bologna rests in the region known as Emilia Romagna which is also famous for balsamic vinegar from Modena. There is a legend around tortellini that originated in medieval Italy which tells how Venus and Jupiter arrived at a tavern, weary from their involvement in a battle between Modena and Bologna. After much food and drink, they retired to a room together. The innkeeper, captivated by the two, followed them and peeked through the keyhole. All he could see was Venus’s navel. Spellbound and inspired, he rushed to the kitchen and created tortellini in its image.


For this fun Experience learning how to make the perfect tortellini, our Local will take you to join Elena and Emanuele in their pasta laboratory, just 15 minutes from downtown. There you can make all the tortellini and ravioli you like. The best comes later when our Local drives you to Elena and Emanuele’s countryside home where you’ll get to cook (participation optional) and enjoy a meal together including a plethora of regional food and wine.

  • Pick up in the city
  • Local translating and interpreting
  • Walk around the city and visit to farmers market
  • Class on making tortellini and ravioli
  • Transportation and drive to countryside home
  • Shared meal with Eleana and Emanuele
  • Local wine
  • Drop off to hotel, B&B or train station as needed

Duration: 7-8 hours

Transportation: Your own car or rental – or can be arranged at additional cost

Difficulty level: Easy
Meals: Snacks, Meal and refreshments included

Requirements: A big appetite, must be 21 or older to consume alcohol 

Availability: Year round only on Mondays

Max # of people allowed: 4


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