My Rio de Janeiro: A Real Local Experience – Full Day

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My Rio de Janeiro: A Real Local Experience – Full Day

Rio de Janeiro, BrazilCall For Price Full Day

Nothing can compare to seeing a city through the eyes of a local, someone who can show you aspects that you would be unlikely to discover on your own. Rio de Janeiro, a city vibrant with life and a rich cultural landscape, is known as “Cidade Maravilhosa” (The Marvelous City) after a march that was written by composer André Filho for the carnival in 1935 and has since become the city’s anthem. It is one of the largest cities in all of North and South America with more than six million people and has a tropical climate offering year-round average temperatures of between 70 and 80 degrees.


Rio is so big, exhilarating, and complex that it is best enjoyed with our Local by your side so that you can completely relax and take it in bit by bit without worrying about crowds and other inherently intimidating aspects of big cities. Our Local will show you where they hang out, where they enjoy eating, the various unique neighborhoods, and views and places away from touristy crowds. With our Local on your side, you’ll get unparalleled authentic cultural insight; you will be able to experience their passion and pride for their city, as well as be able to share with them your particular interests.


During this personalized Experience, you will be able to learn and navigate the transportation system and have assistance shopping for things you wish to buy at more reasonable prices. Our Local will suggest a traditional local restaurant where you can enjoy lunch and hear more of their personal stories. You will get detailed instructions on how to get to the two most popular spots in town, the statue of Christ the Redeemer and Sugar Loaf Mountain, so that you can enjoy the visit on your own another day (waiting in line can take from one to three hours).

  • Private personalized walking around the city with a Local (half day or full day)
  • Key hang-out spots and viewpoints
  • Suggestions on places to eat or go for a night out
  • Unique, authentic cultural insights
  • Help with bargaining prices while shopping
  • Familiarization with transportation system

Duration: 8 hours

Availability: Year round

Difficulty level: Easy

Meals: Any meals and refreshments on your own

Transportation: Any bus or metro tickets on your own

Requirements: Walking, climbing stairs

Equipment Needed: Comfortable footwear (may want to bring a swimming suit)

Max # of people allowed: 8

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