Making Pucce and Panzerotti with Mimino and Graziella

Making Pucce and Panzerotti with Mimino and Graziella

Manduria, ItalyCall For Price 1/2 Day

Driving toward the Ionian Sea from Manduria you’ll pass through wine country and olive groves before reaching Torre Borraco. From there, head northwest to Torre Ovo and admire a 15-Km stretch of beautiful coastline and coastal towns before you stop in La Torre at one of the most impressive family-run gelaterias in the region.


After savoring an incredible gelato, our Local will take you to Mimino’s and Graziella’s beach house where you can relax with an aperitivo by the pizza oven and watch them make pucce and panzerotti ― two typical summer evening meals, great for partying with friends. Pucce are made with the same dough as pizza, only the process and look are different. Panzerotti, while their dough is similar to the others, are not cooked in the wood-burning oven but instead are stuffed before they leaven and then get fried in olive oil. Local beer and wine (including homemade) also will be served. Come with an appetite, as most Italians will eat two pucce and four or five panzerotti each, and they may invite you to compete. Mangia, mangia!

  • A visit to a family-run gelateria and some delicious gelato
  • A drive down the scenic coastline
  • A hands-on Experience on how to make pucce and panzerotti
  • A traditional Italian dinner of pucce, and panzerotti, with local beverages
  • Sharing in the culture of a table full of Italians and learning what it really means to be Italian


Duration: 5-6 hours

Availability: Year round

Difficulty level: Easy

Meals: Dinner, wine, and snacks provided 

Transportation: Your own car or rental – (able to provide transportation on request for additional cost)

Requirements: Can work with and around any food allergies or intolerances. For alcohol consumption guests must be 21 or over

Max # of people allowed: 8

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Manduria, Italy

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