Historical Walk in Amsterdam: a Study in Contrasts

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Historical Walk in Amsterdam: a Study in Contrasts

Amsterdam, NetherlandsCall For Price 1/2 Day

This afternoon walking experience with our Local will start in Central Station. Avoiding the crowds as much as possible, our Local will give you a feel for the history of the city, going by historical landmarks. Of course, Old Town Amsterdam is an obligatory stop, as it sets the pace for the many contrasts you will be experiencing for the rest of the day. You then will continue walking toward the heart of the city and the Canal District.


When you reach Westerkerk (The West Church), you will enjoy a guided tour of the tower, with a small group forming at the time (the tower is not accessible if it is a Sunday). Our Local will have bought the tickets for you in advance so that you do not have to stand in line. Be ready to climb narrow stairs 130+ feet in elevation. All the hard work reaching the top will be worth it when you take in the breathtaking view of the city and the Canal district, and you may be pleasantly surprised at how green the city is. Our Local will paint for you the picture of how Amsterdam was back in the 17th century, explaining and illustrating how it became the richest city of the European continent.


After so much walking you’re sure to have worked up an appetite, in which case you’ll be looking forward to the next and final stop: the NDSM Wharf, once the biggest shipping wharf in the world. Here our Local will leave you at a very unique restaurant not easy to find on your own. He will have made a reservation for you in advance and will make sure you are treated extraordinarily well. Oh, and don’t miss the free ferry ride along the wharf afterward to another contrasting view from the water!

  • A half day with a well-informed Local who will ensure you see the most important facets of Amsterdam along with a historical recounting of its past life
  • Start time at 13:30 at the entrance of Central Station by the big writing AMSTERDAM CENTRAL
  • Experienced personable Local able to address your needs
  • Tower tickets, purchased in advance to save you the lines
  • Tips, insights, and suggestions for best places to visit, eat, and shop
  • Visits to selected shops and cafes
  • A reservation made for you at an excellent restaurant at the NSDM Wharf where you can purchase the dinner of your choice


Duration: 4-5 hours

Availability: Year round

Difficulty level: Easy

Meals: Any meals and refreshments on your own

Requirements: Involves walking and climbing stairs at the tower

Equipment RecommendedComfortable footwear

Max # of people allowed: 8

“We had an excellent time and learned lots about the history of Amsterdam. Our Local Cornelius was very knowledgeable, informative and courteous. We had a much better understanding of how to get around the city after our time with him. Thanks, Voomago!”

Jim & Catherine, Portland, Oregon

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