Harvest and Breakfast in Primitivo Vineyard

Harvest and Breakfast in Primitivo Vineyard

Manduria, ItalyCall For Price 1/2 Day

Get up before sunrise as the busy local farmers do and join Vincenzo and Tonino in the countryside outside of Manduria, a region renowned for its incredible wines, including the Primitivo, Madrigale, Malvasia e Negroamaro. It is likely that their local crew will be there already at work harvesting grapes, so why not join the fun? Grab some shears and learn how to harvest the grapes by hand as the locals do.


That early in the morning, you likely will enjoy a gorgeous sunrise as you find yourself surrounded by acres and acres of grapes as far as the eye can see. You then will be introduced to the locals, who will be happy to share the history of their land with you from generations back. Ask them any questions to learn more about the process and their craft. A great reward awaits you after a couple of hours harvesting (or earlier, if you are tired) ― an array of homemade breakfast treats such as espresso, cappuccino biscotti, cheese, bread, figs, and more will be ready for you to enjoy right there in the middle of a southern Italian vineyard.

Before heading out, you will walk through the wineries to look at varieties and perhaps get to meet other locals harvesting their crops. One final stop before this incredible Experience comes to a close ― you’ll make a visit to the local Wine Museum, where all you have learned will have come full circle. Here you can watch the local farmers selling their grapes and witness the industrial processes, as well as taste some local varieties and purchase as much wine as you wish!

  • A trip with our Local to visit local vineyards and meet the farmers responsible for their end product (this happens very early in the day)
  • Learning about the history and their winemaking process
  • Grabbing some tools and getting dirty, helping harvest grapes by hand as the Locals do (don’t forget to try a few)
  • Possibly some gorgeous sunrise pictures
  • A homemade, authentic Italian breakfast right in the middle of the vineyard
  • A trip to the Wine Museum to bring you full circle, leaving you much more informed about winemaking and those who do the work
  • Ample opportunity to taste various varieties from the region



Duration: 5-6 hours

Availability: September (depends on nature and harvest time)

Difficulty level: Easy

Meals: Breakfast, coffee, wine, fruit, cheese, meats provided 

Transportation: Your own car or rental (we are able to provide transportation on request for additional cost)

Requirements: We can work with and around any food allergies or intolerances. For alcohol consumption, guests must be 21 or over

Max # of people allowed: 8

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Manduria, Italy

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