Experience Italy with AntimoMeeting Italian family and friends

Experiential Travel is about the people you meet and how they make you feel;

It is about ways of life, authentic interactions with locals, and exquisite food;

It is about experiencing the culture and expanding your circle of life-long friends;

It is about safe adventures along side a local who knows how to navigate;

It is about letting a local take care of all the details so you can lay back and enjoy!

Experiential Travel is a way to avoid tourist crowds and mingle with locals

Travel through your senses tasting some of the most amazing food cooked by locals and enjoying outstanding wines your palate will remember for ever!

Fresh seasonal ingredients harvested the same day of purchase, fresh fish caught only few hours prior, food and old family recipes made with passion.

All made available in locals homes with great warmth and hospitality!


You deserve to be on vacation, to unplug, and to relax!

The only thing you need to worry about is what time to get up in the morning.

Tell me what you like and matters to you than allow me to fulfill your wish. 

I will do the driving, you just sit back and enjoy the views!

Let traveling with locals be the teacher and get inspired at every turn.

If the weather does’t co-operate, I will always have a plan B and C, trust me!

Locals You Will Be Interacting With

Mariagiovanna – Ceramic Artist in Florence 

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Massimo – Fisherman and Chef in San Pietro


Bruno & Gabriele – Minemakers in Manduria

Palmento antico

Emanuele & Elena – Tortellini masters in Bologna


Rita – Chef and Cheese maker in Alberobello


What Past Clients Have to Say

“We waiting 15 years to go to Italy. Having Antimo show us around was priceless, without a doubt the best travel experience ever! Please continue to do this, you are amazing!”

Karla & Ron - Phoenix, AZ

“When traveling to Italy, being with a local changes your trip from being a tourist to experiencing how the people actually live their lives. Antimo is so multi talented, smart and has a great sense of humor. He is a natural at providing these invaluable experiences. After meeting his charming parents, it is easy to see where he gets it.”

Nancy - Portland, OR

“I consider myself fairly well traveled and have been to Italy several times before but traveling with Voomago, and specifically Antimo, was unlike any other travel experience I have ever had. He is extremely passionate about travel, people and places and putting together the perfect experiences to meet his clients needs and interests.”

Chez, Susan & Deborah - Vancouver, WA

“Spent almost 3 weeks with Antimo in Italy. Our trip included wine tastings, olive oil tasting, balsamic vinegar experiences, cooking classes, picking grapes, interactions with locals, and special adventures each day. My husband and I had a blast and can't imagine traveling any other way. Thanks Voomago and Antimo!!”

Christine & Richard - Woodburn, OR

“I cannot say enough good things about Voomago and Antimo! Such a fabulous trip to Italy ... the highlights unquestionably were the personal experiences. Travel is most valuable when we meet new people, become immersed in new cultures, and gain an appreciation for the different ways that people work, live, and play around the world. ”

Valarie, Martin, & Louise - Boston, MA