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Wellness in Dominica is a way of life

Dominica is a relatively undiscovered place. A peaceful island layered with tropical sounds, flowing streams, luxurious natural beauty, eclectic smells, voluptuous tastes, silence and darkness that give way to incredibly starry skies. Dominica is a living spa with an unobstructed flow of energy, a perfect setting for wellness based vacation, a time to unplug from your daily routine and re-think everything. This is why VoomaGo has chosen Dominica as the ultimate wellness destination.

On your first day waking up on the island, the fresh air and lights of the day will welcome you with a multi-sensory shower of sights, sounds, emotions and above all experiences. Wellness in Dominica is a way of life. Due to its rich fertile soil, the land abounds with fresh citrus fruits, coconuts, bananas, pineapples, coffee, cocoa, guava, and spices that will be part of your daily diet. Organic foods, herbal teas, essential oils, medicinal indigenous herbs, aromatherapy, river massages, yoga, pilates, hiking, healthy conscious cooking and nutrition classes will allow you to reconnect with your inner self and will let your happiness soar.

A Vacation and Wellness Retreat in One

Have you ever gone on a vacation packed with museums, cities, parks, markets, and things you want to see and do, only to come back feeling like you need a week to recover? There are ways you can go on a vacation that is experiential, active, stimulating and yet restful, invigorating not only for your body but for your mind and spirit as well.

A significant benefit from going on an experiential travel wellness retreat to Dominica is to unplug completely from the chaotic aspects of our day to day, getting up early, dropping the kids to school, being stuck in traffic, bouncing back and forth from one crazy meeting to another, the stress of your job, going home to prepare dinner for your family, and etc…

And Dominica has so many magic and inspiring moments that can be shared with locals and others making your Caribbean vacation much more powerful than if you were by yourself. 

Healthy Cooking and Nutrition


dominica_wellness_03On vacation it can be hard to make good nutritional choices as you are eating out for every meal. In Dominica there is an emphasis on the importance of healthy cooking and eating. And when you get a chance to share a meal with others around a table, you get to feed your well-being through increasing communication, connecting, and bonding with the locals and your new friends.

Travel with a local allows you to learn how to cook using organically grown produce and getting to eat with the family, and teaches you the perfect way to incorporate such beneficial habits into your daily routine. Why sacrifice such a pivotal aspect of your life affecting your total well being? By taking a class in healthy cooking and nutrition with local experts in Dominica, you can learn about the healthy properties of every food you eat, how to cook them, how to use them otherwise and how to infuse your nutrition with natural ingredients that will boost your energy and your immune system.

No matter your dietary restrictions, you can benefit from the coaching of a certified nutrition expert that can help you make the best choices that fit your preferences and lifestyle, as well as discover dietary options you may not know about. Understanding the importance of individual nutrients and then looking at a complete package can help you understand how to increase their nutritional value. If you are a parent this will automatically affect your children’s health and well being as well as their knowledge and experience of food. It is about making conscious choices and commit to them like we commit to the rest of our daily activities. 

Dynamic Movement and Yoga

Physical exercise benefits us by keeping a life-force flowing through our system. I invite you to think of our human system in four main components, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 

A strong mind will sustain the body, and a strong body will allow you to tap into the benefits of your spiritual energy giving way to an improved quality of life. Exercise that holistically engages the mind and the body equally leads to extensive benefits. Engage your body more actively, paying attention to how it makes you feel, to the potential you can reach, and the mental conditioning that will result from it.

When movement such as The Body Practice, Yoga, and Pilates are practiced in an unspoiled natural setting such as the rain forest of Dominica, by the mist of a towering waterfall, it affects us much more deeply. This added element of vulnerability from the pristine nature surrounding us, is conducive to health and wellness benefits extending well beyond our bodies.

Dominica Hiking

Dominica, also known as the “Nature Island” is home to lush rain forest, volcanic peaks, clear waterfalls, 365 rivers, and even a boiling lake. The Waitukubuli National Park along has a complex network of trails well over 120 miles long. While you can adventure on many hikes by yourself, nothing compares to the experience when done with a local, both for safety reasons as well as knowledge of the territory, fauna and flora. In addition, a local can show you streams, pools, canyons, and views you would not know existed.

Hiking in the rain forest of Dominica is a must during a Caribbean wellness retreat as it is like being inside of a huge green lung breathing the purest air. Hiking is the perfect active experience to exercise and challenge your body and mind and there are trails suitable for beginners to the most advanced hikers. There are numerous rewards when hiking, such as relaxing for a natural massage in minerals rich pools formed by the White river coming from the Boiling lake, passing through villages where you can meet the locals and taste some of the bush teas or squeeze your own sugarcane, or swimming under a waterfall, and much more. 


A VoomaPass is your ticket to experiential travel with one of our Locals on your vacation. Because our Locals live where you’re vacationing, they will be your resident insider. Your VoomaPass connects you with a Local to advise you before and during your trip, share their cultural insight and be able to take you on exclusive, authentic Experiences.

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