Developing Cultural Agility

Miguel Valenciano has over 20 years of experience consulting, teaching, training, mentoring, and coaching. He is recognized internationally for his extensive work in diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, cultural competency, leadership development, and cultural agility/humility. He has facilitated extensive trainings in four continents for multinational corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. His clients include Facebook, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Sodexo, and the Department of Justice. Miguel works with executive teams, individual business owners, senior management, students, and first line staff, bringing both practical experience and a dynamic presence to his work as a master facilitator.

Miguel’s vision: Choose to think and act as an influential, mindful, and courageous leader; strive to be culturally agile and humble; have the ability to influence self and others; be passionate; build an environment for others to feel important, valued, and appreciated; care and act with empathy and compassion; speak up, not only for yourself but for others; leverage your privilege on behalf of others by being an ally.

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Course Description

How does one move forward with developing cultural agility without being overwhelmed with the complexity and dangers of stereotyping the culture of others? Building and practicing “cultural humility” is the key and a must-have skill in communicating cross-culturally to keep on creating mindful and inclusive workplace environments and relationships. Since cultural humility is a lifelong process of self-reflection and self-critique, this workshop will raise awareness of bias from the unconscious to the conscious level, and provide tools for positively managing them for improved decision-making. It will draw on empirical evidence to take you on a journey of realization and provide experiential and practical consideration of our embedded biases, assumptions, and beliefs when we encounter others. 

The objectives of this workshop are to teach the core skill and attitude of cultural humility; facilitate self-reflection and self-critique by identifying patterns of how individuals evaluate, assess, interact, think, and work with others; create awareness of how culture affects communication; and enhance listening skills, mindfulness, and attentiveness.

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