Cultural Intelligence for Multicultural Teams

Andrej Juriga is an intercultural facilitator and the founder of Cultural Bridge in Slovakia and Hungary. He has developed strong cross-cultural competencies while living and working in six different countries across Europe, Africa, and America. Prior to launching his consultancy, Andrej worked for Dell and IBM in sales and human resources. He has designed and delivered development programs for teams across three continents in a variety of industries, from IT, finance, banking, and telecommunications, to manufacturing. His clients’ portfolio includes Lenovo, Jaguar/Land Rover, ING Bank, Tate & Lyle, Amazon, Swiss Re, Deutsche Telekom, and Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California. 

Andrej works with senior management, global project teams, and HR managers to help them navigate and solve complex challenges, and to train them on intercultural communication and emotional and cultural intelligence.

Andrej’s vision: Helping others to feel comfortable in the face of intercultural challenges and unknowns, leading by example in culturally diverse settings, and creating change in the world through kind gestures and goodwill.

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Course Description

Interacting with people who have different communication styles, core values, and working styles, often driven by national and organizational culture, can be very exhausting. Culture-specific knowledge helps when communicating with an individual, or a group, from a specific cultural environment. But when working in teams representing a variety of cultural styles, the challenge of identifying strategies that will be productive, successful, and respectful is even greater. Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is a complex, multi-dimensional framework that helps teams navigate complex multicultural interactions, guides them toward the co-creation of a third culture acceptable by all members of the team, and enables them to focus on task and project completion, while reducing cultural misunderstandings.

The objectives of this workshop are to teach the Cultural Intelligence model, explore how to develop its four dimensions through facilitated self-reflection and group activities, and identify various applications of the CQ model in multicultural settings. Through a simulation, you will experience what it takes to succeed in a diverse team and design strategies for maximizing effectiveness within multicultural teams.

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