Due to low enrollments we regret to have to cancel - We will try again next year.


Antimo Cimino is a graduate of the Intercultural Communication Institute’s MAIR program (Masters of Arts in Intercultural Relations) and the founder of VoomaGo, an experiential and intercultural travel company focused on multi-sensory transformative experiences abroad. Antimo has worked for the Intercultural Communication Institute in Portland, Oregon, for eight years, planning and managing programs. He also spent nine years working in leadership development for Mercer, the world’s largest human resources consulting firm. Five years ago, Antimo’s passion for diversity, leadership development, wellness, travel, and languages culminated in the launch of his company, VoomaGo. His vision is to bring together a multicultural learning community in various cultures, creating experiences that put learners slightly outside their comfort zone, requiring them to observe, learn, reflect, adapt, and suspend judgment in unfamiliar ways, resulting in new and exciting insights about themselves and others.



Lori Welch has been working for the Intercultural Communication Institute  in Portland, Oregon, since 1995 as the technology associate. She has also coordinated the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication’s program for returning interns and returning fellows. Lori handles all the issues and processes related to IT and data processing, including event registration, as well as web page maintenance, with an unflappable grace envied by her colleagues. Lori graduated from Whitworth University with a BA in Speech Communication and continues to support the Whitworth Forensics team by coaching at intercollegiate speech tournaments. She enjoys the variety of events she judges, especially the interpretive reading events, as well as watching the growth and development of team members from Whitworth and other universities.

We are very happy to create this new space, Cultural Global Labs, for innovative intercultural and cross-disciplinary learning. We hope to gather in different countries, integrating this important intercultural learning with local knowledge and wisdom in new and lively ways.




Cultural Global Labs are designed for professionals working in multicultural settings (and most of us are), creating and implementing diversity and inclusion strategies, designing intercultural competence training, improving global leadership competencies, and preparing managers to navigate culturally complex situations. They are a unique opportunity to increase your intercultural knowledge, put theories and concepts into practice, and influence others by making a lifelong impact in your organizations and communities. 

The focus and purpose of Cultural Global Labs is to bring together a learning community in different parts of the world, with an emphasis on co-creation of meaning. It is a transformative learning experience that blends intercultural concepts, theories, and frameworks with experiential travel. You will engage and create connections with like-minded people, both in workshops designed to facilitate intercultural learning and promote professional and personal development, and through experiential travel activities. 

The format of a Cultural Global Lab will include three days of classroom work followed by two days of experiential activities. The 3-day workshops, facilitated by some of the best professionals in the field, will cover a variety of topics. The workshops will run concurrently (you can take only one workshop at a time), giving you a chance to go deeper into the subject matter. Mornings will start with a brief practice of mindful breathing, movement, and guided meditation to help you focus on the rest of the day with more awareness and fewer distractions. 


In today’s global workplaces, developing intercultural competence is essential. It is a necessary skillset that people and organizations must have in order to be effective and successful in multicultural environments.

The facilitators of Cultural Global Labs are well-traveled professionals, often speaking several languages, with extensive global experiences of living and working across cultures. Taking one of their workshops will likely be a life-changing experience, but doing so while functioning in a different country will add an additional dimension to your personal growth, giving you new insights and helping you develop a global perspective.

The uniqueness of the Southern Italian culture, the surroundings, and the interaction with locals will create a variety of possibilities for you to test your learning and to participate fully in the intercultural experience.

We hope you will join us, eager to explore and learn, bringing with you a good dose of curiosity and a willingness to venture beyond your comfort zone. Throughout the experience, you will have many opportunities to make new connections, reflect, gain new insights, connect the dots, enjoy amazing local foods, unplug, and regenerate. 

“Culture is in the lived moments. To experience, to learn, and to embody this sentiment, look no further than the Cultural Global Labs workshops. Antimo, with his passion for and his immense knowledge of Southern Italy, is creating a space to bring together lived moments and intercultural learning - Cultural Global Labs

Dr. Nagesh Rao, Inclusion & Faculty Affairs, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, Ohio University

“Intercultural effectiveness requires more than just classroom and book learning. It necessitates immersion in new and different cultures, and a stepping out of one's own comfort zone. CGL creates the opportunity for this experience. The setting, together with a cutting edge international faculty, make for a multi-faceted and transformative learning experience that will energize and enrich participants.”

Dr. Lee Gardenswartz & Dr. Anita Rowe, partners in Gardenswartz & Rowe and the Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Institute

“We learn through experience and contact, through fun and laughter, through new information provided in context. Cultural Global Labs is designed to provide exactly that for learner and traveler who wants a richer and more deeply fulfilling experience than being only a visitor in the vicinity of culture. Antimo and his facilitator team expand both the possibilities and your rewards.”

Dr. Barbara F. Schaetti, founding partner, Personal Leadership Seminars LLC

“Whether you come as a sophisticated traveler wanting a deeper understanding of the richness of the Italian culture you are engaging in, or whether you come as a sophisticated interculturalist looking to engage deeply with the theory into practice experience, Cultural Global Labs will provide you with a deep and enriching experience to further your intercultural understanding.”

Drs. Michaela Carriere, Intercultural Communication Section Head, University of Groningen


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Cultural Intelligence for Multicultural Teams

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Hotel President – Vestas Hotels & Resorts – Via Antonio Salandra, 6, 73100 Lecce, Italy

We have negotiated preferred, and very competitive rates, for our group (55 Euros + taxes for a single room or 70 Euros + taxes for a double room). These rates are per night and include breakfast. Once on the reservation/booking page you MUST insert this code: CGLLecce


The closest airport is Brindisi (BDS). Plan to arrive July 20th or 21st at the latest.


Lecce is 40-50 minutes away by taxi. Alternatively, you can catch a city bus outside of Arrivals and transfer to the local train station, and from there take a train to Lecce (This may take 2 to 2.5 hours). 


If you have been flying for several hours, the simplest way to transfer to Lecce is by scheduling a private and reliable pick up. Antimo will collect all your names, payment, and arrival details and book the shuttle for you. The cost is $50 each way. Please email Antimo once you have booked your flight, Antimo.



We strongly recommend that you wait until the first week of June to make your travel arrangements and purchase your Travel Insurance (TI), as you want to make sure that the workshop of your choice will definitely be offered. We highly recommend our agency partner, Gene Sweeney, for your international flights and connections. Finding the best flight times with minimum connections for long flights will make a big difference. ***Please note that discount internet fares are often on multiple airlines, with longer connections, are highly restricted, non-refundable, and do not provide support*** For quotes, questions, or advice, please contact: (Expect a reply within 24 hours during regular business hours).

Discover more about Lecce



$1,850 – This includes a 3-day workshop, plus 2-day experiential travel (July 22-26), lunch, conference fee, and transportation for the experiential travel. 


Cancelled due to low enrollment


Once you submit the online registration form, you will see a confirmation page containing a link to PayPal. If you choose to register via email, Lori will send you a PayPal invoice. 


After June 1st you need to purchase Travel Insurance (TI), using the link provided below. We require that you have basic TI to cover your investment and give you peace of mind in the event you have to cancel the trip. Proof of TI must be provided by the beginning of July. Selection Guidelines: Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruptions, and Emergency Medical are the basic options you need to include. If you have any concerns that could cause you to cancel (for example: loss of job, health issues, etc.), please make sure you select the accurate travel Insurance options. You can also insure the total expenses of your stay in Italy, should you decide to extend your stay.

Please email your proof of TI to Lori.


If you wish to travel with Antimo for three additional days (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, July 27-29) to a different part of Puglia, you need to sign up by Friday, May 31st. Space is limited. The cost is $750 per person with a single room accommodation or $600 per person with a double room accommodation. For more information and to book your spot, please email Antimo.

For additional information please look at our FAQs. Do not hesitate to contact us (Lori or Antimo) with additional questions, or if you need advising.

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