Antimo’s StoryPutting my passions at your service!

CEO and Experiential Travel Expert

The world is truly my playground and it has been since leaving home (Manduria in Southern Italy). The love of languages and diversity has led me to live in different countries, UK, USA, Brazil and travel to many more. To date I speak six languages and still hoping to at least learn one more. My work experience in events planning, hotel and restaurant management, diversity, and leadership development have all contributed to clarify and identify my passion: Experiential Travel. I am proud to have left the corporate world behind to dedicate myself to VoomaGo and to transform the way people travel. I am a people person and chose to place human interaction and meaningful connections at the center of what I do. I invite people to experience the world not as tourist but as travelers, traveling through space, time, relationships and cultural values. 

Favorite Travel Memory
Each and every place I’ve visited has brought me joy. Yogyakarta and Ubud in Indonesia stand out the most; the hard working farmers, the sense of duty and hospitality toward visitors, the eclectic markets, the colorful Batik, the lotus flowers, the morning rituals, and the beauty and warmth of its people. 

Why VoomaGo?
While soul searching at age 40, I tried to hone in on the reason I was brought to this earth and what my contribution to life needed to be. I want to live a happy life but I also desire to give, inspire and affect others positively. When my friend Tyson let me know that I changed his life when he and his family visited my hometown in southern Italy, he opened my eyes to how natural I am at creating sensational authentic experiences for people, and it was he who inspired, supported, and encouraged me to create VoomaGo.


And a Passionate Wellness Facilitator

I was born from Anna and Vincenzo, a couple devoted to sustainable farming in a small town in the southern region of Puglia, Italy. From an early age, spending time in the kitchen and day dreaming about traveling around the world have been my thing. As a teenager, dance became a body language through which I could express my most-inner feelings and emotions, from here and through travel, which started at the age of sixteen, I continued to explore and evolve in my journey of understanding and embodying what wellness and a life-lived-well is all about. 

As of 2021, I have now lived in the USA for twenty-five years. After graduating with a Master in Intercultural Relations, I spent more then fifteen years in the field of Leadership Development and Diversity and for the past eleven years, I have facilitated holistic wellness retreats around the globe, integrating Neuroscience principles with leadership thoughts, and a variety of wellness modalities and practices. 

While the pandemic froze my travel business, my leadership and wellbeing work has bloomed. I care deeply about facilitating wellbeing in others and it gives me enormous pride and happiness to be able to change and affect positively the lives on hundreds of people who are courageous enough to make their wellbeing a priority. 

Until we can safely travel again, consider joining me on the journey of Life-Focused Sustainable Wellbeing whether for a face-to-face retreat or for an online workshop. 

“Antimo, my friend from Italy took my family and I to his hometown in Puglia and shared the love of his native land and life’s experience with us. Not a single time during the entire trip did we visit a museum or national monument. Instead, this life changing vacation had us actively engaging with the real locals and their customs. We learned what it was like to live like Italians for two weeks. From harvesting grapes, to cooking in a wood-fired oven in the country, to fishing for sea urchins off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, our vacation was filled with amazing experiences that we never would have had access to had we travelled independently. Antimo's insights into the culture was something we couldn’t buy nor find easily on our own. If you want a truly memorable travel experience full of uniquely personal stories, cultural insights and unforgettable moments, go beyond the museums and tour buses. Depend on the trusted Locals from VoomaGo and travel with Antimo! "Tyson Smith”
“Antimo approaches wellness with a purity born from a deep believe in the methods and techniques he shares. His modality pairs his personal experience and work with evidence-based science research that supports how these techniques can improve our well-being. Antimo has the gift of resonating with those he works with to understand the barriers that hold us back, and gently assist us through those obstacles. I’m currently undergoing treatment for an advanced cancer and have leaned on Antimo as a source of energy and information as I navigate this transformational life experience. He’s been a pillar of my care team as I look to integrate a holistic approach to my healing that incorporates both mind and body. "John Uncage”

Why VoomaGo

VoomaGo is the happy medium between all-inclusive travel tours and rugged do-it-yourself traveling. Consulting with Antimo will give you a leg-up on the logistics or connect you with locals in your travel destination. Antimo will help you lessen the logistical headaches, such as how to get around town and avoid tourist traps, select must see places, suggest length or time while also providing you with unique opportunities to really delve into the local atmosphere.

  • Create a customized vacation with Antimo 
  • Be more involved in your vacation & have a dynamic, active role
  • Get the lowdown on what Locals actually eat and drink
  • Get to know an area in a private and relaxed way
  • Safety net – comfort in knowing someone in the area you can contact
  • Be accompanied by a passionate Italian who is also a bi-cultural facilitator and speaks 6 languages