7 Reasons Why Travel Insurance Makes Sense

You may wonder why should I add Travel Insurance (TI) cost to my vacation? In all honestly, for the same reasons you protect your house, car, life, health, and any other valuables or investments you own. Your vacation is not an exception, and here are 7 reasons why buying travel insurance makes sense:

  1. Cancelling your trip. There can be many reasons that can force you to cancel your trip: loss of family members, you lose your job, significant unexpected expenses arise, or sickness. In the past two years, two of my clients had to cancel, one was sure glad had purchased TI as she had serious unexpected health issue arise one week before the trip. The other instead, chose not to buy TI and a month before the trip separated from his girlfriend (the trip was to propose).
  2. Missed Connection. You are anticipating the excitement of getting on that river cruise in northern Europe, but due to flight delays, you miss the boat and have to travel to the next port to catch up. This can present rising unexpected cost, especially if you bought a cheap and basic flight that offers little support.
  3. Natural Disasters. A month before a hurricane or an earthquake could hit the area you are traveling to. This possibility too can seem so remote but it can happen. Three years ago one of my clients was traveling for three days to central Italy but had to cancel that part due to an earthquake hitting the immediate areas just the week before her trip. 
  4. Terrorist Attack. Sadly we hear of these types of events more often than one would like. Remember not too long ago similar events in Paris, London, and Barcelona? Just in 2018, there were more than 100 terrorist attacks in Europe. These types of news alone can increase your level of anxiety about traveling to destinations that might be experiencing these events before you travel.
  5. Getting Sick During the Trip. You or your partner could get sick due to a number of reasons, it could be due to the altitude of the place you are visiting, it could be due to pre-existing conditions that under certain circumstance flair up, you simply never know. Sadly four years ago, on the second day of their trip, the husband of one of the couples traveling to Italy had to go back to the USA due to a medical emergency. They too were very glad they had purchased TI.
  6. Losing Your Passport. In my experience as a travel guide and consultant for the past 24 years, this is the biggest fear and obsession with people. Sadly I have seen this a few times. Just think about all the variables and stressors you have to face when traveling in a different country while you are out of your comfort zone, it is very easy to let your guard down or get distracted. If you lose your passport in a city that has an American Embassy, it may not be a big deal, but if you have to travel several hours, it can easily become a nightmare. This was the unfortunate case a year ago for one of my clients travel to southern France. Along with the passport, he also lost his wallet with all the credit cards and a large amount of cash. Even sadder, he chose not to buy TI.
  7. Luggage is Lost. Finally, the long-awaited vacation has started but you get to your destination and your luggage doesn’t. If you didn’t pack anticipating this to occur, you might have to go on for 3-4 days with the same clothes or have to shop. Having a TI plan that covers these basic options, can result in shopping for a few new fancy things abroad and having everything reimbursed. I have seen this happen a few times. These are the most recurring reasons that can put your vacation or business trip at risk. It should be no big brainer to buy Travel Insurance and protect your investment. You only take one or two vacations a year and the cost is not exorbitant. Depending on your total trip cost and any pre-existing conditions you should be able to find decent coverage for $200-400 a person, most of us spend that much on coffee each month. So my advice is don’t sweat it, buy Travel Insurance and go on your trip with peace of mind.

Here is a great link to one of the best resource out there. Once you input your information about the trip and traveler(s), you will be presented with several options. This is useful to compare and it gives you a chance to choose the plan that best fits you. I encourage you to pick two and read the details of the plan. Do reach out should you have any questions, I would be happy to help you! 

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