11 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Experiential Travel

What is the meaning of experiential travel? We’re here to fill you in.

11 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Experiential TravelRecently there has been an increase in the global demand for a style of travel that is richer, deeper and more rewarding at many levels. The meaning of experiential travel is that you come into contact with locals for a true, unfiltered experience of their culture through interaction, being active, exchanging views, meeting new people, and spending a day in their lives.


There is still a lot of value in museums and historical sites, but these are examples of passive participation where you only use your eyes and ears to learn about the culture of a bygone era. With experiential travel we seek to engage all of our senses, and enjoy dynamic participation with locals and the culture of today.



Here are 11 reasons why you should invest in experiential travel…

1. Learning experiences that can’t be copied in travel books

Connect with locals who have first hand knowledge and can share their life stories with you while also providing you with unique opportunities to really delve into the local atmosphere.


2 Get a leg-up on the logistics

You often hear “go where the locals go,” or “do what the locals do,” but unless you know a local this is a lot harder than it seems. Experiential travel allows you to gain insights from locals that you cannot get any other way.


3. Go behind-the-scenes

Immersing yourself in experiences is the most fun way to travel as you get to see the coolest things that are easily missed in touristy places.



4. A day in the life

Dive deeper into what it truly means to be an Italian, a Malaysian, a Peruvian, a Brazilian, an American and so on. Capture these moments with your soul and not just with your digital camera.


5. Travel like you mean it

Make your travel worth it in every possible way. From building priceless long-lasting memories, to real life compelling stories that flow naturally because of the cultural exchange that takes place when people from different cultures meet and share their worldviews.


6. Plan the vacation you want to have

You have the flexibility to choose to participate in travel activities that focus on topics that interest you, such as cooking, shopping, lifestyle, history, culture, adventure, wellness, and more.


7. Simple moments deliver high emotional impact

Enrich your life in ways that cannot be measured because they are not the canned entertainment with the artificial comforts that fail to impress more often than not.



8. To stumble upon the unexpected

With a local it’s so much easier to stumble upon events and ceremonies in towns and villages off the beaten path bringing surprise and additional unexpected excitement making you feel you are experiencing a culture from the front row.


9. Get away from crowds, long lines, and stress

With experiential travel you can join a local for a day or afternoon of engaging and active fun. The interaction with a local provides great and realistic guidance on how to visit their city.


10. To have visceral experiences

When all of your senses combine to complete an experience, it becomes more meaningful to you. Studies have shown the more senses you engage, the deeper and longer lasting your memories will be.



11. To have a transformative trip

Experiential travel will have you coming back changed, inspired, and more complex, holding on to something that no tangible souvenir can ever replace.


So are you ready to travel at a deeper emotional level? Are you ready to have a local bring you into their reality? You now know a few of the benefits, don’t wait any longer. Go experiential!


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