11 Reasons to Go to Dominica Now!


Dominica is an untouched gem in the Eastern Caribbean; the natural world there is completely secluded and unique. One can use many descriptive adjectives and words to illustrate what Dominica is all about but we truly believe that nothing can replace the feelings and emotions you experience when you go through its territory and natural beauty. Dominica does not get the love from tourists of the Caribbean that Bermuda, Aruba, St.Kitts, the Bahamas, Belize, Cuba, and Jamaica does.


Here are 11 reasons you should travel to Dominica now!


1. It’s the Nature Island!

Dominica is called the Nature Island of the Caribbean and it truly is just that. It’s just stunning everywhere you go. If you are an adventurer and love nature, you will be in heaven. It has something for everyone from hiking, diving, snorkeling, and whale watching, it is some of the best you will experience in your life time. There are over 350 rivers, an abundance of waterfalls, amazing hot springs and significant climate changes depending where you are on this small island.


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2. It’s one of the safest Caribbean islands

Dominica is covered with such genuine and good-hearted people; people that are willing to help you out even if they don’t know you. The safety of the island is extraordinary, and one of the safest places to travel to in all of the the Caribbean. How many places in the world do you know of where children can stand on the side of the road and get drops to school from complete strangers? That is unheard of these days, but the community of Dominica is like that.


A man meditating while in the rainforest on the Caribbean island of Dominica

3. Go for the wellness

On your first day waking up on the island, the fresh air and lights of the day will welcome you with a multi-sensory shower of sights, sounds, emotions and above all experiences. Wellness in Dominica is a way of life. Due to its rich fertile soil, the land abounds with fresh citrus fruits, coconuts, bananas, pineapples, coffee, cocoa, guava, and spices that will be part of your daily diet. Organic foods, herbal teas, essential oils, medicinal indigenous herbs, aromatherapy, river massages, yoga, pilates, hiking, healthy conscious cooking and nutrition classes will allow you to reconnect with your inner self and will let your happiness soar.


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4. Go because it’s affordable

There is a bit of extra cost to get to the island, but once you’re there there are numerous affordable options for food and lodging. Delicious and vibrant food cooked by locals is available at very affordable prices. Because the island is not flooded with expensive resorts and infrastructure the cost of goods is still affordable.



5. Go for the fun places to stay

Of course, the island being a gigantic rainforest, you can expect simplicity with affordability but the full spectrum of accommodations is available to you from sleeping a hammock, to a yurt, to a treehouse, or any level of sophisticated accommodations. Or maybe you are interested in experiential travel and would like to stay on a sustainable farm like D-Smart Farm and help out with duties while learning simple but genius ideas from the owner Dawn, whose mission is to educate the public on the importance of true organic farming to keep the Natural Island unspoiled.



6. Eco tourism is flourishing!

If you are seeking to immerse yourself in unspoiled nature, appreciate simplicity, learn from locals how they protect and nurture their land to minimize impact upon the natural surroundings of Dominica, eco tourism is the way to go. OhLaLa Dominica is one of VoomaGo partners on the Island, where you will be welcomed by Debra, pick fruits and veggies with her and cook together while staying on her property.



7. Go for the hiking like no other

You can hike a different trail everyday for weeks; there is just that much to see here. Many trails can be explored on your own, and others you’ll want to explore with a Local, not only because they might be hard but also because locals know the territory, the fauna and flora and can enrich your hike with wonderful stories (they may even be able to name all 175 bird species on the island). There are hikes as short as 45 minutes to others that can take 6-8 hours, it all depends on your level of fitness and your thirst for adventure.



8. It still has pre-Columbian people

Dominica has the only remaining pre-Columbian population (Carib Indians) in the Caribbean. But don’t expect to meet primitive people in grass skirts practicing ancient rituals. The dress is casual, and evening clothes are informal but on the conservative side. They are also known as the Kalinago people and they still elect their own chief and have their village council. Their life style is very simple and it is in this area the only place you can find Cassava bread, baked daily.


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9. It has a boiling lake!

Let me repeat that, Dominica has a boiling lake! For real and it looks like a giant boiling steamy pot of water. It can be found in the Morne Trois Pitons National Forest and it is filled with bubbling greyish water the water temperature is generally between 180 and 197 °F (82–92 °C). You can see the water in the center actively boiling. The lake was formed by a crack in the Earth’s crust due to the vicinity of a volcano, the steam above it and the gases are created by the molten lava underneath. The hike to the lake is vigorous and about 8 miles (13 Km), simply a must see!


10. Dominica has no poisonous snakes or bugs!

Often when traveling to tropical places people fear snakes and bugs that can be dangerous, well you don’t have to worry about that in Dominica. The island has NO poisonous snakes or insects. Being a rainforest they have their fair share of bugs, just nothing to keep you sleepless at night.



11. Go for colors like you’ve never seen

The countless shades of green Dominica has to offer will simply astound you. I challenge you to find a green flower that is almost blue depending on how the light is hitting it. Here you will see flowers of all colors, shapes and forms, some of which you have seen in flower shops with a hefty price tag, here they are essentially weeds.


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