10 Things You Should Always Pack

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Traveling can both be fun or a kind of torture, depending on the things you packed and the things you forgot. If you’re going to a hot area and the only clothes you have with you are best suited for winters then there is a very low chance of it being fun especially if you’re on a budget. Even if you’re able to buy proper clothes from your destination, you’ll still have to carry extra luggage which is a nuisance in itself. It can be easily seen that things have the potential to go very wrong if your packing is not right.

Packing the right clothes is a simple matter of some research on the internet and using some common sense. There are other important things which are not usually this easy to figure out but they’re an essential part of the inventory of any traveler. This is a list of some of the most important things you should always have at hand when you’re traveling.



The most important thing you will need during your international travels is your proof of identity and travel documents. You should collect all your documents such as your passport, visa, driving license, credit cards, hotel or other accommodation information and a list of emergency contacts. You should make a bundle of these documents which you can tie with a rubber band to keep all these together thus making them hard to lose and avoiding a panic attack when you don’t find any of these documents when it is needed the most. You should also make copies of these important documents and save them at a different place.


Foreign Currency

Even though travelers are the people who seek to enjoy the differences in different styles of living all over the world but they too would want the world to use a single currency which, sadly, is not possible in the foreseeable future. We can use our credit cards in the developed world but, unfortunately, a large part of the world is still underdeveloped and cold, hard cash is what really matters in those parts of the world so it is always a good idea to keep some local currency at hand even if your destination is going to accept credit cards. It is always a good idea to prepare for emergencies after all nobody can predict the future.


travel documentsfirst aid kit

First Aid Kit

This is one of those things which you never know when you may need. A proper first aid kit can save your life. This first aid kit should have bandages, pills to relief stomach pain if you eat unhygienic food in a foreign land just because it seemed like the right thing to do, antibacterial creams to help prevent infections if you get a cut or if you get a rash.


Foldable Jackets

Modern materials have completely revolutionized the world of fabrics along with everything else. New fabrics are often extremely lightweight yet they’re versatile enough to be used in a wide range of different conditions. When you’re out in a foreign land, even in a desert, there will be few things worse than having to spend the night out in the open. Spending an uncomfortable night like this would also ruin the next day’s trip and this cycle would continue. To prepare for cool times, you should keep a foldable jacket with you. It takes very little space yet it provides comfort when you need it.


Rain Poncho

Even having done all the research about one place, you can never tell when it will start pouring and you don’t want to be caught by a surprise when the rain starts pouring. In order to be always prepared for a sudden downpour, you should keep a rain poncho with you at all times. It is one of the most important accessories people forget to carry with them even when it isn’t expensive and doesn’t take much space at all. 

rain ponchoWater resistant shoes

Water Proof Shoes

The purpose of a rain poncho or an umbrella is essentially defeated if the rainwater turns you sick by making your shoes wet. Your sneakers or flip-flops won’t help you in a foreign land when you’re on a hiking trip and suddenly it starts raining cats and dogs. There will be no place to hide and the worse thing to happen in these conditions will be your wet shoes. Invest in some sturdy waterproof shoes; they’ll help you in numerous ways. You can get great discounts on shoes from Groupon.



Plastic Bags

Though it may look like a small thing but keeping a few plastic bags can make all the difference. Plastic bags with zip-tops can allow you to keep your eatables dry when you’re in a rainy area and they can also keep your dirty laundry separate from your clean clothes in a single suitcase. They can serve a range of purposes when the need arises and it does arise most of the time. 



This is another one of those things which are only appreciated when they’re needed. There is usually no need for a flashlight in urban centers but anyone who is on a trip in a foreign land would not necessarily confine himself to just the urban centers when there is so much to explore. There is a range of options available in the market, many of which can easily fit in your pocket. Get one of these; it will help you find your way back to the camp when you take a midnight trip to the loo.


Backup Chargerflashlight

Charger Adapter Plug

The development of standards wasn’t always so consistent before the era of modern communications which is the reason why some of the world drives on one side of the road while the rest drives on the other side of the road. The measurement of things in pounds and kilograms is also because of the same reason. 

Different parts of the world use different types of plugs to power their appliances so a device which may work perfectly in one country would require a different plug to draw power from the power outlet. A power adapter is especially helpful in these circumstances and is a great accessory for anyone who’s constantly on the moves. There are universal adapters which can help your appliance work in almost the entire world; you should get one for yourself before traveling – forewarned is forearmed. 


Backup Charger

You won’t find an electrical outlet in the middle of the jungle or the desert and there are usually problems with electricity in underdeveloped countries. It can be very difficult to ensure your family about your safety if your phone is not working because you couldn’t find a power source. Keep a backup charger, or two, with you when you’re going to be out of the major city centers in a foreign land.


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