Travel Agents and Dinosaurs: Extinct or Coming back?


This is a new age for travel agents, to connect people and provide authentic experiences.

Technology continues to change the way we live our lives. Before the internet, travel agents would do all of your flight bookings, and tell you the world of possibilities for your vacation. That role of the traditional travel agent has become increasingly marginalized as travelers feel they have the information to do without. At our fingertips we have endless options, but choosing the right vacation has become incredibly challenging (not to mention time consuming with the hours spent sifting through piles of information).



The rise of experiential travel means travelers are now looking to engage with locals, dig deeper and get a more visceral experience that will last a lifetime. Couple that with the information overload and the balance is swinging back to a growing need for a travel consultant to help guide you before, during and after your vacation.


We see the future of travel moving in the direction of AirBnB, Uber, Craigslist, and Meetup where people are trying to find ways to make connections, and reach the people behind the computer screens.



The old model of typical travel agent who will scan for discounts, packages, and offerings for which they get paid a commission is broken. To be able to provide that next level of service, Voomago works with expert travelers, Locals from around the world, and intercultural specialists to curate, design, and build vacations that go beyond the tourist circuit. We will only send you to places we love, people we trust, and cultures we cherish.



How do we plan the perfect trip for one of our clients? We listen. We get to know who our clients are, find out their likes and dislikes so we can customize a dream vacation. Our clients benefit from their connections with our Locals, and get to experience a foreign culture without mixing with crowds of tourist everywhere. VoomaGo is that type of company born out of the passion for authentic culture sharing, and the need to create innovative travel options.



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